Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class VIII

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I let off a sigh and put my comm down. Hearing Cayl at the door I have the door open to let him in. "What is it Cayl?"
"Something about that ship isn't right. And I don't trust that the scanners were calibrated to pick up ALL possible entities."
"So what do you want to do about it?"
"Run another scan, calibrated for Void beings. In my travels I've met creatures that are born explicitly of the Void and scans have to be calibrated specifically for them. Then we shift back to standard and do it again. I can't shake the feeling that there's something we missed."
"I've met these said beings as well though I could sense a number of them, but if it helps ease your mind I'll recalibrate the scanners and run the scans for them. They should emit small amounts of Void energy that is still detectable. Well let us be off the the main system so we can run these scans again." II stand up from my desk heading for the door.
Cayl nods. "Thanks. I know I'm probably crazy, but I don't like not doing things thoroughly."
"Well you know as some say, A paranoid mind is a healthy one. I do trust our scans but now that you mention it they are not calibrated for finding Void beings, partly because a few students and myself might set off the scans."
Cayl nods in understanding. "Guess that's a good point, but I think we know how many Void Signatures are friendly."
"Right, so what if the scans show anything? Do you think the students can hold their own against these creatures? " I walk out of my office heading strait for the main consul room to run the scans again.
"I don't know enough about most of their abilities to say for sure, but I think they can. Ceas definitely, long as someone has his back."
"Well if we are needed we can get to them quickly. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve still."
I enter the main consul room and walk over to the computers that run the scanners. I begin the recalibration and have it set to run a scan of the ships after the calibration was complete.
Cayl nods. "HunterSlayer is still just as fast as always, but could be fun to see your way."
I smile slightly. "My way can be a little gut wrenching if your not used to it or ready for it."
I begin to receive the new results for the new scan and reset the scanners to normal and set it to scan again after a few minutes. "Here are the new results."
Cayl reads it over and curses. "Great. Ships full of the things. But...they seem to be a pack mentality. Look at the movements the scanners picked up." He hands it back to Flint.
"Well bugger all. Now what should...." I am interrupted by the machine beeping as a new scan displays the results. "Hold up looks like the basic scan is showing something..." I look over the screen at the new results. "Looks like a few of our new friends have shown up on the regular scan. Are the students on board yet?"
"Don't think so. Boris is still checking hangars for safety hazards. Why?"
"Looks like a few of the Void beings are taking more permanent shape. They are showing up on the regular scans." I point to a read out of the first scan done then the custom then to the last scan. "See what I mean?"
"Might just be getting ready to hunt. We need to tell Shade."
{Shade we have definite hostiles on board the ship. Void being didn't show on the first scan. Cayl and I ran a custom scan and the whole ship lite up like an Irish bar on St. Patricks day. We just ran another scan and it shown a few of the beings take more corporeal forms. I presume that they can sense the students.}

I turn to Cayl. "Thinking we should hop over to assist?"
"Might not hurt, but we also want to see what the students are capable of. It's the reason they only sent Raven. Maybe send up a drone, see if we can get a look at them first."

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