Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class VIII

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I walk over to another computer and enter in a few codes. "Drone en-route."
Cayl nods, drawing the Gumo Blade and looking it over. "Wonder if Shadow sent anything to anyone else..."
"Not that I know of."
He shrugs and walks over to the view screen. "ETA on Drone arrival?"
"Right about... Now.." The drone enters the derelict ship from the starboard side and flies through the halls looking for the creatures.
Cayl watches the screen intensely and points out one of the creatures. "There, look. Seems to hunt by sound. See any eyes on it?"
"Nope, might hunt by sounds and psionics." The drone stops long enough to scan the creature for vitals and other information.
"Hmmmm....wait, it's sorta looking towards the drop ships. That can only mean that they're like the Zerg, drawn by psionics." He tips his chin for a moment, thinking. "How many of the students are psionic?"
"Most of them are."

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Cayl groans and heads for the door. "Great."
"Cayl let the students try first. Remember we can get there quicker than most ships if we need to."
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You're on the ship Darka that's it.
03/08/2013 12:08 PMPosted by LeKroger
You're on the ship Darka that's it.

no your on the dropship which is still hovering in space.
03/08/2013 12:02 PMPosted by LeKroger
"Cayl let the students try first. Remember we can get there quicker than most ships if we need to."

"Yeah, well, they didn't take gun ships, so they're going to need fire support."

The Maru-bot, still running in a panic, runs into Cynthia's leg and falls over.

The Lab's Poltergeist Tech Access activates.
"So we send more drones. They are equipped with weapons and targeting systems. As long as their IFF tags are functioning, which they should since I made them, the drone will only target everything else that is hostile."

I lean forward and nudge Dante to wake him up.
"Whether you designed it or not, mechanical failure is still possible. But, I'll wait."
I nod to Cayl. "Should something happen I can have you to HunterSlayer before you could even make it out of the door here. Like I said I still have a few tricks up my sleeve."
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The Lab's Poltergeist Tech Access activates.
And Zarkun, what I meant by Terance being a huge target is because of the Xel'naga in his head. Even if Terance wont draw them in... The Xel'naga will.

IC: {Boris, how goes the hanger procedure?} Raven asks through the comms.


Shade was nervous at all of this... {Okay... Send Cynthia up there as well. And if what you said is true... Then these creatures don't have anything to do with the Commune and what Cayl taught them was useless.}


I watched as it ran into me and fell over, feeling a slight prick from the touch of it. "What are you doing?" I ask the robot.


The lights in the ship where the Drones were began to die... Darkness swallowing them as a hissing sound occurred... Metal from the Drones flying apart like shrapnel.
{Shade do you want me and or Cayl to go as well?}

I hear the commotion on one of the monitors and mutter a few curses to myself.
{Blasted things are killing the drones.}

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