Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class VIII

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Boris laughs, and waves to the students to come to him.
{Ye of little faith, my Terran friend. They are Void Creatures? That is good. I look forward to fighting another Void Creature, even if they hunt us like prey. They will find this one waiting for them.} He flexes his arms, swaps channels, and says {Students, I am sure you have already heard. Use as little psionics as possible, otherwise we will be swarmed. They have no sight, they use sound and smell. Use that to your advantage. They also have dark skin, so keep your eyes open.}

I nod to the orders, mentally rationing myself on psionics. I prime my rifle, and set the safety off, getting ready for them. I look around, seeing the dim lights.

I flex my arms upon hearing that there would be enemies, and try to keep myself calm as the Zerg gets wound up about the coming fight.
IC: "Well thats a new one for me. Ok so now psionic speech or my chain lash got it." He mutters just loud enough anyone near him can hear.
IC: "good thing" i say before finishing the sentence in my head "because anymore psionics and i'll be dead"
I open a Guardian Shield as we leave the dropship, covering the students with its protective energy bubble, before releasing my anchor to the ceiling, flipping right side up again, and then flying out of the ship's door/ramp.
The Overroach latch onto the ship with its legs and Sahlk climbs out. Since he was un-allowed Psionics he would be unable to speak.

I head for my damaged Wraith.
IC:Eric follows the nearest teacher off, his pistol out. He -knew- something wasn't going to go as planned. he had just known it. The atmosphere form them told him all he needed to know.
I stay close to Sam and Dante. "Great there goes the warp part of my sword." My suits plasma shields get a boost from the sentries Guardian shield. "Lets just get this over with and I really don't want anyone dying." I glance at Dante as I say the last part.

OOC: By the way Raal there are NO teachers except Shade who is going Lone Wolf and already gone ... I think. Eric WOULD know this so no excuse of 'I need to keep my IC posts with IC knowledge'
IC: "i'll be fine. i'm a spectre, psionics are a good portion of my abilities but not all of it" i say while walking close to Tari with my rifle ready
"You know what I meant."

Eric WOULD know this so no excuse of 'I need to keep my IC posts with IC knowledge'

OOC: well when i think about it..Eric probably wouldn't. But having said that, i misread earlier posts. So the point is moot because it was my honest mistake. he's following whoever is in charge of their little fiasco. IE:the guy/gal leading
Boris is the person incharge of the strike team but was already on the ship before the student's dropships landed. the next best would be Terrance.
I look back at the others. That was a bad sign. Void beings. Cayl sighs. {I've already left. Cynthia's part Nerazim now. She should be able to Blink.}
"So whats the plan?" Sam ask
"We sweep the area, kill the resistance, move on. I don't see why a small obstacle should make a difference." Cayl radios Boris.

{Don't underestimate them. You might be good, but even you can loose to enough of them.}
Boris chuckles, and says {Ah, the Terran comrade cares! Don't worry about me, friend. If I die, you all will need someone else to replace me, otherwise you will all miss me!} He laughs uproariously, and walks into doorway, his claws at his side.
"I do not like that russian" Sam whispers before saying louder. "Alright so anything these void beings are weak too?"
"Bullets like everything else, if you can see em before they kill you that is." I look around my rifle at the ready.
"We'll find out soon enough." I head for the door. {Can I get a way point to our objective?}
Boris stops, and turns to Sam. He turns the radio off, and yells, his voice easily heard. The translator machine on his throat echos the volume, and translates.
"I CAN HEAR YOU TERRAN!" Proving his point, he turns on the radio, but doesn't say anything.

I walk past the other students, and keep my reflexes ready for anything.

I follow the Spectre, heading for Boris. I keep my SMG at my hip, but keep my Claws ready.
{Cayl, don't lie to me. You haven't left yet. In fact you just reached your ship... And Cynthia wouldn't know how to blink yet. That takes training in fact. And just because she's a Nerazim doesn't mean nothing! Cynthia doesn't have the training of a Dark Templar to guide her... And if she could blink... She wouldn't be able to blink onto the ship... Unless you are going to force her to try and blink into your ship before you take off...} Shade said coolly.

As Terance said that a operator uploaded the objective into their HUDs, they had to get to a command room and download any data.

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