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Hello everyone! I'm Atomic, the leader/founder of QXG, or Quick Xecution Gaming. I am trying to make a SC2 clan that will hopefully become great! QXG doesn't have any rules for what races you play quite yet, so all races are currently accepted. Once we start getting more members, I will start placing you on teams and find the players you work the best with, and maybe some coaches will start helping you get better at this game.

I am going to address some questions that could potentially follow this post so that this is easier for me.

Do you have a website? A website is currently in progress.

When are practices? Practice times will involves discussion with other members to see what time fits best for the team.

Do you have to be skilled to join QXG? Not at all. My plan is to separate teams into different skill levels so that you will fit into your team's skill level.

Are there ranks in QXG? Since there is no members besides me right now, there is not, except Clan Leader, and Co-Leader, which hasn't been filled yet. There will be more ranks added as the clan continues to develop, and promotions will be based on leadership, not skill.

Will there be tournaments and clan battles? Yes, tourneys and clan battles are planned for the future.

Do you have a TeamSpeak or a Ventrillo server? Yes, it was just set up. See me or Joben for details.

Obviously, I didn't answer all the possible questions, but I hope this will clear some things up.

Please reply below if you are interested, or message me on Skype at sean.ford45

P.S. Must be at least 13 to join.
I'm interested! =)
Ok, do you have Skype?
don't have skype
Come on everyone, this is going to be a great clan! We need a core group of members to get this Clan off the ground and running smoothly! Just like the post said, we just need people who are interested in joining!!

If you have anymore questions Atomic or myself will be glad to answer them. Thanks!!
A clan needs a Vent/Teamspeak server.
It's in the works bilion
Sounds cool! I'd like to join!
Cool! Add me and/or Joben so we can get you in.
Added you!
Ok, I'll talk to you on SC2 in a minute.
I am interested, added you Atomic*
Ok, I'm about to go on to talk to both of you.
We are absolutely still looking for more potential members. C'mon everyone, this is going to be a great clan!
am not good is it ok for me to join?
Not everyone is an elite level player, we understand that. You are more than welcome to talk to us about joining
I tried to message you in skype but I did not get a reply you should add me!
@Oxicleanz Really? I didn't get it. Anyway, I'm going to message both of you once I get on SC2.

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