[QXG] Quick Xecution Gaming is recruiting!

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Can I join?
I'm interested, sign me up!
I am indeed interested and I do have skype.
Wow this seems like a great clan! How can I sign up and get involved? :D
I would be interested in joining have been looking for a clan that's starting out and is serious about playing. if your interested my Skype is gwartney2
Wow, this is far more than I expected for 1 night! Of course, you all are still allowed to join. All of you please friend me and send me a message either on Skype or SC2 when you can. We are now sitting at 10 members, so I'm going to get a website set up within this week if possible, and possibly add some ranks depending on activity.
i would like to join
Message me in-game. Been looking for a group of people to encourage me to play. It gets really lonely playing alone, as I've lost all my old gaming friends.
Atomic, I'll be on tonight we can discuss setting up vent/teamspeak. I'm glad everyone is so interested in joining, this is going to be a great clan!
@Joben I'll be on right now, but I don't think I'll be able to tonight.
Atomic, shoot me an invite, so I can get things rolling, I'm going to setup Vent server tonight and try to invite some pplz
I am interested!
Glad you are interested Warfer, we are still trying to get things setup. Atomic's schedule and mine differ a little so we will get things going as soon as we can. Message me or Atomic in game for more info
Just a reminder that if you are interested, please shoot US a message, as we are busy setting up the website and server.
Yup, Vent server is up and running =)
I am not the best but I'd like to join! :D
I'm looking to join also. What's the vent info
We will try to get some invites out today, me and Atomic can't seem to be online at the same time haha. Patience all, good things are coming!
It's K, Will we have to leave our clan?
I am interested

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