[QXG] Quick Xecution Gaming is recruiting!

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@Moshi No one has to leave the clan unless you disobey obvious rules. i.e. Insulting
I'm glad a lot of people are interested, as soon as I can get in contact with Atomic we will get people invited
That's not what i meant but is k :D
@Moshi Oh, sorry about that. I misread your question :P Unforunately, we don't allow clan-hopping, so if you wish to join, you will have to leave your current clan.
Ok ill think about it, keep in touch
Anyone else interested in joining?
Vent server is up and running! Please see us for info.
i would be interested in joining :o
alright spyhawk, message me in game if you want more information
How are supposed to message you in game if y'all don't supply your info?
Game name is Joben
Code is 355

Battle tag: BusyDad#1816
Game name is Atomic
Code is 748

By the way guys I'm from the SEA region so am I able to still join? :S

I sent you guys a message via SC2 but no reply so was just wondering if you got my message and all.
I didn't. Do you have Skype? @jayhpham
Recruitment is wide open, message me or Atomic in game if you are interested =)

Yes I do! Contact me through james.pham95

Hope to talk to you soon!
I'm Bronze at the moment, but rank 1 and will likely be moving on to silver. My goal is to hit Diamond in 2-3 months (i know that might be a little bit too ambitious), I've been learning a lot and am very new to rts games (I'm an FPSer!). I think that playing against silvers and golds will help me improve without using the ladder an will hence allow me/us to rank up faster. Add me and we will do some fun scrims!
Currently online and still accepting players into QXG, message me in game if you want more information
I'm interested....ill be messaging in-game

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