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i am very interested. i am not thebest but i am far from the worst. I am just sick of losing because my other team mates dont know how to play or play D
Currently online and accepting interested players in joining this great clan =)
im interested :)
Sent you a friend request online Joben. If you could accept it, or let me know what times you are usually on.
add me please, i am very new to the game. I need friends.
Everyone you need to get into contact with us if you want to join! We are too busy setting up the site.
Everyone interested in joining, I am currently online to answer any questions and accepting players who are looking for a clan that is still very new.
I'm a master Terran I am interested in joining who can I talk to or somebody hmu , skype is elijahh.b
@Mercury ill talk to you as soon as im not busy. skype is sean.ford45
team speak is outdated. raidcall winnnnns
Well it's a good thing we don't use teamspeak then haha, currently online and recruiting!
NightLight here

Contact me

NightLight 178

If you guys plan on only useing skpe then im not looking to join. skype is super bad for gaming due to you have to invite ppl and its hard to get to know ppl that way. so its like if you dont know the group you are SOL.
added u on skype and ingame, former master
Nightlight, we do not plan on using skype, we have a vent server that is live currently, that will be our way of communication and the website is almost up and running as well.

I'll get in touch with you both later on, I'm currently away from my home computer.

Also a note to everyone, we are not the most top-ranked players, our play-level will span all ranges from bronze to master, so if you are looking for a super-elite clan, this might not be the clan for you.
Diamond Terran here and looking for a community to get in practice games with as often as i can to improve. message me in game at trueskill.361 skill level of everyone is not important to me. i would also be able to help lower league players with terran if they need.
I am also interested in joining
That's awesome to hear True, there needs to be more people out there like you who are willing to help out others.

I'll be online for a bit if anyone wants to message me about joining =)
I'm interested in joining this clan, I'll add you both ingame :)

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