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Tobi Van Helsing walked the halls of the New Hellsing Mannor alone, having just finished a hunt in the small town of Hergon. "The creatures are getting restless. This is the third kill this week alone." Heading to the armory, he grabs more ammunition for his pistols, looking at the pair he was still working on and sighing. "I can't do this alone, not with this many in one week. Alistair!" Out of the darkness, a man who looks to be in his late thirties , wearing a set of casual clothes with a black duster and black warlock's hat, appears, a pistol of his own on his waist and a sword across his back.

"You called master?"

"Pull up a list of the descendants of all the greatest monster hunters of their time. It's time we began the hunt in earnest." He looks at Alistair. "Find them all."
Name:Tobi Van Helsing
Weapons (Will be blessed on entrance): Argost, Blade of God, Twin Semi-automatic pistols
Abilities: Monster's bane (Passive), Sixth Sense (Passive), Slayer's blow, Master Monster Hunter (Passive)

Name: Alistair
Weapons: Heretic, Arbiter
Abilities: Unleash Hell, Vampire King (Passive), Raise Undead, Drink Blood

Name: Michael Rondey
Armament: Dual Machine Pistols, Solareon, The Purifying Light, Long range sniper rifle
Abilities: Fatal Hit (Passive), Mental Strike, Enhanced Vision(Passive with active function)

Name: Seraphim Dante
Weapons & Equipment: Avenger, Angel’s Breath, Medical Satchel
Abilities: Psi Boost, Advanced Training (passive)

Archangel Altun
Armament: Archangel's Blade, Angelic Armor
Abilities: Holy Light (Passive), Smite

Name: Skade M'keth
Weapons: Silver-spiked mace, Crossbow, claymore
Abilities: Shadow Walk, Snipe,Dark Fury {PASSIVE}

Name: Jenny M'keth
Weapons: Pistol, old sabre "Whip."
Abilities: Handler's Voice, Handler's MindHandler's Presence

Name: Helen Mytycana
Weapons: Twin .44 magnums with interchangeable ammo, .50 Cal Gunblade(http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/raptureruin/items/gunblade1), large Round shield, Shurimakto
Abilities: Master Smith(Passive possibly with active components), Marksman(Passive), Brutal Striker(Active)

Name: Nasu Tatsumi
Weapons: Guantlets of Phrozen Flame
Abilities: Battle hardened (passive), Undying will (passive), Zebul Emblem

Name- Kain Von Blackstock
Weapons-Black steel Katana, Throwing knives
Abilites-Phantom eye [Passive], The Black Flame, Herbalist[Passive]

Name: Borealis Natuur
Weapons: Aarde (Appearance: http://unkn0wnfear.deviantart.com/art/Radion-Axe-106097641), Nagel (Appearance: http://seargent-demolisher.deviantart.com/art/Gauss-Rifle-Crysis-2-253482731 except green instead of blue)
Abilities: Bear Form, Entangle, Healing

Name: Lalrye Ker
Weapons:Schepper (Appearance: http://heidifury.deviantart.com/art/RPS-Flanged-Mace-169631900) Volbloed (Appearance: http://greendruid.deviantart.com/art/Dagger-19143445), Zetgroep (Appearance: http://great-5.deviantart.com/art/I4-B35-Heavy-Energy-Pistol-310089754)
Abilities:Summon Familiar, Summon Essence(Weaker Elemental), Infusion

Name: Mercedes Lya
Weapons: Warboel and Recht (Appearance: http://ilpas.deviantart.com/art/Van-Helsing-cosplay-Crossbow-347221888 Completely of metal and both are black), Dual wielded daggers (Appearance: http://hronnos.deviantart.com/art/Dagger-148013753)
Abilities: Beast Bane (passive), Vengeance (passive), Huntress Vision (passive)

Name: Graal
Weapons: Trench Knife, Marksmen Rifle, 8-Revolver
Abilities: Marksmen (Active), Bloodtaker (Passive/Active), SilverWolf Survivor (Active)

Name: Noct (Noctalus Dare)
Weapons: Night's Edge (Melee, Morphic), Entropy Shock (Ranged, DOT, Stacking)
Abilities: Shardmancy (Passive and Active), Wanderer of The Ways (Passive), Overclock (Active), Manifestation of Faith: Reality's Requiem (Active, Ultimate)

Name: Solaris
Weapons: Duskfade Blade (Melee), Tesseract Bombs (Ranged, Explosive AOE)
Abilities: Duality Existience(Passive), Tesseracts(Passive and Active), Hyperways (Active), Faceless Phantasm: Infinity's Depths (Active, Ultimate)
I sit in my office, leaning back with my feet on my desk, loading bullets into one of my clips. Alistair walks into the room, holstering Heretic. "It's been dealt with?" He nods, a sadistic grin on his face.

"The Coven put up little fight that was worth my time, though I am thankful for the chance to stretch." I nod, sighing and putting my feet down as I slap the clip into my it's pistol and stand up.

"They'll be arriving soon." Alistair nods, the grin growing ever so slightly.

"Shall I make the preparations?" I nod, resting a hand on Argost.

"Nothing to fancy. Some of the beasts are difficult to replace." Nodding again, Alistair leaves and I look out the window at the stormy weather, the lightening lighting up my face occasionally as the rain tapped on the window. I specifically look at the statue of Altun, though I knew the truth behind the facade. "I hope you'll awaken fully this time, Altun. The time is coming where your strength will be needed."

Edit-With that, you may begin.
Walking up the gates of New Hellsing Manor, I sigh and look around;
...not sure if I should even be here... not that I have anything against the Hellsing's, but... I aught to be at home, training with dad...
I think, pushing through the gates and into the manor proper, walking towards the doors.
An ethereal portal opens up not far from Helsing Manor and the conjurer steps out, ghostly hands gripping him as he steps out. He swipes them off as they were pulling him backwards and continues forward with the portal to the realm of souls dispersing. He hated traveling that way, but his family lived far from Darkova now. Lalrye looks upon the manor and puts Schepper in its appropriate slot as he approaches. His brown eyes scan across the door of the manor from under the dark hood of his robes.

The life of the forest moves itself as the massive cave bear that was the druid charged through them. He had reach close to the edge at Helsing Manor and shifted back to human form. His arm was that of what looked like furs, thick ones at that, with paws at his shoulders. His entire arm was completely revealed, as was his face, having nothing but his hair covering the skin. Not far from his location he sees a glow as a portal opens and hides behind a tree and watches as the dark robed conjurer walks to the door of Helsing Manor. The druid does not move and simply keeps watch.

The darkness of the forest hid her approach. The ever watchful and swift huntress moved with haste through the black forest, the rain not hindering her approach through the trees in the least. Mercedes was quick, and every movement came with such ease as to think it was her nature to climb through the trees. Her training had made sure of that. The young huntress flips out of the forest and lands in a crouched position. Still, she was silent. The first thing she noticed was the robed figure standing at the doors of Helsing Manor, the second was the druid hiding within the trees. Quickly her hands went down to Warboel and Recht. The crossbows came off her thighs and are aimed at both the druid and the conjurer.

She slowly moved into the light, but her face was still concealed by a hood she wore over her head. Her fingers hovered in a ready position to pull the triggers of her crossbows. She notices the other man and the crossbow aimed at the druid moves towards him. "Names. Now." Mercedes demands of the two.

"I do not need to speak my name to one who threatens my life." The Ker responds to the woman who had appeared out of the darkness. "Though one who threatens my life should have give me a name before I kill them."
Hearing the sounds of conversation behind me, I turn and look. Seizing the scene in a glance I spot the conjurer and the huntress. Noting her stance, I rest a hand on Avenger's hilt and watch the scene unfold.
"This is a bad idea Abe."

Abe turned to look at his companion. He was a junior in high school and, like Abe, here on a dare from Rick (Rick was the drift ball captain, and undoubtedly the biggest and most popular guy on campus) who had promised them invitations to a after school get together generally reserved for the 'popular' kids. The other boy did not see scared, he was just looking apprehensively at the open iron gates. "Come on Ben, we have come this far already. We can't turn back now. Besides, we need the pictures."

The pictures.

The other half of Rick's dare. Put two stickers (smiley faces with fangs) on different parts of the manor and take pictures of them to prove the two of them actually had gone past the gates. Simplicity itself.

Ben's voice rose in pitch slightly. "But this is Helsing Manor. Home to the best monster hunter in all of Darkova. What do you think he will do to us if we are caught?"

Abe patted his friend's shoulder. "That is exactly why we aren't going to do anything that will get us caught... like standing in front of the gate arguing about it." Abe gave Ben a push towards the gate and walked after him. They both felt a tingling as they passed though the gate and each passed it off as nerves.

The driveway was very well maintained, especially considering that (to the best of their knowledge) the drive was never used by cars. It was said that the current Helsing mistrusted vehicles and used horses unless there was a very long ways to go. Neither was sure about how true that was. Lots more speculation clung to the Helsing Manor than fact.

Some said that Helsing worked with monsters to kill monsters, and might go so far as to claim that he sheltered them under his roof. Others said that Helsing was a monster himself. Others still said that both were true. Only a few believed that he was just human. 'Just humans' didn't hunt big game (as Helsing was famous for doing) and live for more than a few months. A lone human hunter might hope to save a town from a lone Vampire or crazed werewolf, and a group of ten miiiiiight even consider attacking a Vampire coven.

One of the stories had Helsing fighting two covens at once with only a sword and a silver spoon as weapons. Another version held that he had only used the spoon.

Still another held that he had been bitten by a Demon, and after five days of excruciating pain...
The Demon died.

Abe's personal favorite was the story where an Imp had tried to offer Helsing a wish in exchange for a five minute head start. Helsing had accepted and wished the Imp to remain still for six minutes. It was said that the Imp spat profanities at Helsing for five minutes and one second before Helsing cut off its head.

Ben's voice cut sharply through Abe's thoughts. "Get your head out of the clouds man! We are at the statue. Give me one of the stickers."

The statue.

It was a stone Angel on a pedestal that divided the manor's drive into two pieces. Its great wings extended outward and forward, as though providing a shelter to whatever might be beneath them. The Angel had its head bowed as if in prayer, its face covered by a visor with no holes for eyes or mouth. The pommel of a sword was covered by the Angel's folded hands and the tip of the blade touched the pedestal, holding down what appeared to be a... skull? Kind of... it looked human enough, except for the two horns, curved slightly upward, protruding from the temples. The Angel's stone blade had penetrated the top of the skull and the very tip of the blade touched the stone of the pedestal. The bone of the skull looked as though it had been bleached past whiteness, and the bone around the stone blade looked like it would fall apart like ash if poked.

Ben had already jumped onto the pedestal and was holding a hand out for the sticker. Abe, not quite ready to dismiss the skull pointed and asked: "What is that?"

Ben looked down for a few moments, his eyes searching for a moment... then a moment more before widening suddenly. "How did I not see that?! I was looking at it for at least ten seconds before I saw anything... You don't think it might actually be..."

Abe finished the thought. "A Demon skull? A reason to hurry up and get out of here? Take the sticker. I'll turn the camera on." Ben nodded and took the sticker. Abe reached into his pocket and took out the camera. Just before he pressed the power button Ben let out a yelp and fell backwards off the pedestal. He was shaking one hand violently and something on that hand was on fire. The sticker. Ben managed to shake the burning paper and adhesive off his hand before he got burnt, and they watched what remained of the sticker turn to ash on the ground.

Ben's voice was squeaky with fear now. "I... I... I tried to put the sticker on its helmet and it caught fire."

"Abraham Longstride. Benjamin Clearwater."

The voice was powerful and seemed to come from everywhere at once. The boys clutched at each other like a couple of frightened children. Truth be told, that is what they were.

"You should not be here. Abraham Longstride. Your line is strong... but you are not yet ready to begin to hunt. Return only when you have found the will to hunt. Benjamin Clearwater. Your path does not lie in the hunt... but it does travel a close parallel. When you have discovered your reason, you may choose to speak to the man with the cane of bone. Both of you be warned. This is a choice given to you, and you alone. This is not required of you. Such is the nature of free will."

The boys no longer clutched one another, but still stared at the statue of the Angel.

"Now leave, or your parents will be informed of your doings this day."

A figure watched out a window on the second story of the manor as the two boys ran. They looked as though they were chased by an angry bear. The figure smiled to himself and let the curtain fall over the window, and all was once again still at the Helsing Manor.
The sounds of trees dipping into the darkness as the musk waft into a mans nose... This man was Graal. Sitting atop a branch of an old tree that had been their for decades. His first encounter with anything abnormal had caused the death of everyone he knew... Graal began to whistle a sweet little tune over the wind and decay of the forest. Trying to bring life in his mind even though it was forbidden it seemed... Imaginations would help him make it through to the living, or maybe peacefully to his death.

A flash of lightning was the only thing he saw in the skies above him, clouds began to roll in but only his general area... It was only a mile to the Manor, but alas he wanted some time alone. For that Alistair fella didn't seem normal in Graal's eyes... A mysterious being he was. The thumping of feet could be heard from below the branch... It was only a silver wolf chasing after deer like creature. Biting at its legs as it dealt a swift bite at the neck. Killing it's food before eating it. This wolf didn't seem to see Graal in the tree, in fact... the wind was probably blowing his sent away from the beast.

Fur began to displace on the wolf as it turned back off in the forest, showing a girl as she ran off...

Graal rubbed his eyes thoroughly. Was that his imagination just now or was that real?
It must just be the lighting messing with my eyes... I'm not even sure if that was a silver coat...
I watch the three from my office and sigh. Not even in the doors, and Mercedes was already looking for a fight. Stepping away from the window, I head out my office door and down the stairs to the front door, Alistair appearing and walking at my side. Opening the door, I draw my left pistol and a single shot rings out, hitting the ground in front of the huntress, close enough to make her jump back a step. "No fighting, or I'll show you all why the Helsings have remained the primary family here on Darkova."
IC: i stretched my arms. Its been a long day, as i passed by the Darkova family's mansion i find 3 people outside of it having a feud with the members of the house. walking up to them i sigh "you really shouldn't piss them off"
"Borealis is hidden in the trees, Darkra."

"I am sorry if I am cautious, especially of that." She points her crossbow accusingly at the Ker.

"Yes, because the servant of a demon lord or a necromancer would definitely walk up to the house of the greatest monster hunter." Lalrye says to Mercedes.

Mercedes scowls and was about to come out with a retort when Borealis steps out from the trees. "Hail there."
I shake my head, holstering the pistol and looking hard at Mercedes. "Conjurers and necromancers are two different things. Now, all of you, stop. The. Fighting." I nod to Borealis. "Glad to see you could make it." I turn to Dante. "You've come at a ripe time. There's still a few things you can learn from your father, but that'll come in due time." I watch Nasu. "You were almost late."
Graal just went back to staring at the carcass... What was that? Was the only thing that was going through his mind at this moment. Wondering if that was really a wolf... Or something like that night that was more than just a wolf. Jumping from the limb I landed in mud, pulling my foot out as it was covered on my pants leg. "Could be worse..," he says to himself as he begins the walk to the manor.

OOC: You know what... I just absolutely hated how I typed that up... It sounds suckish after reading a couple of the other posts that people posted... But I don't know how to change it. :\
It's not bad. Just foreshadowing Linnzie a lot. (It's kinda obvious)
I don't quite think that's what he means, War.
It's not bad. Just foreshadowing Linnzie a lot. (It's kinda obvious)
Eh... Not that part. It's the part that makes it look like a mess and disorganized compared to let's say... Zanon or SF. :\
It's all clunked up and ugly looking to read mine personally.
IC: I walk up to the Helsing Manor entrance to find several people there. I decide to walk over there cautiously. Along the way, i see a statue of what looks like an angel. Solareon begins to glow slightly when near it. "Interesting...". I decided to proceed on towards the doors which has several people around it. "I guess he invited all of you people as well."
Portals. Energies of various types and... weapons drawn on the grounds.
Altun considered. The angelic wards around the manor had been taken down so that the children who had trespassed on the grounds would not be harmed by them. This had obviously allowed the grounds to be entered by... these people.

The situation was not deserving of violence. No individual had harmed another... yet. A warning on the other hand might prevent bloodshed.
"I am Altun, Archangel of Him on High, come to Darkova to protect the people. This place is under my protection more so than most. Any who spill blood here will answer to me."

An average outside observer would probably have been intimidated by a powerful disembodied voice that says it is attached to an Archangel.

An outsider with more guts and a sense of theater would have commented how well prepared the scene was. Seriously. Maximum theatrical effect. Powerful voice, threat of retribution, no obvious source, thunder and lightning in the background... Couldn't do better if you tried.

An outsider in the know would have said it was obvious the Angel was hiding inside the Angel statue, but that was with foreknowledge about it all. Who expects an archangel to pretend to be a garden statue for weeks on end? No one. That's who. Everyone knows that Angels follow the "I came, I saw, I smote." principle.

Pretending to be a statue? It just isn't done.
"Easy, Altun. I called these people here. The three of us can only do so much." I look at the hunters, most still in apprentice ship. "That is the Manor guardian, the Archangel Altun. He's a bit grumpy because he doesn't get out much anymore."
I hear the booming voice. "Huh, interesting."

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