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OOC: You wouldn't see. I just spent three paragraphs trying to convince you that there was no way for anyone to make the connection between the statue and the voice (yet).
IC: "My attitude has not changed Helsing. It is not in my nature to make half baked threats."
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"You've come at a ripe time. There's still a few things you can learn from your father, but that'll come in due time."

I nod, shifting the still unfamiliar weight of Avenger;
...why did dad even trust me with this thing anyway?... he's got the experience to use it properly and to keep it out of unwanted hands... neither of which I have any of...

"I am Altun, Archangel of Him on High, come to Darkova to protect the people. This place is under my protection more so than most. Any who spill blood here will answer to me."

I nod, looking nervously around;
"That's fine with me..."
I say carefully.
"Interesting statue. Now that I look at it, it reminds my about how I tried to get to heaven once to meet some of your brethren. I almost incinerated myself doing so. Turns out blood rituals aren't a good way to get to heaven." Lalrye says.

"Can I kill him now?" Mercedes asks. She had placed her crossbows at her thighs, and her hands were now ready to go to the knives that were sheathed on her back.

Borealis looks upon the huntress and the conjurer. He then looks to Tobi. "Did you really think it was wise to call upon these two?" His question is met with a glare from both the Ker and the Lya.
The manor came into view, it's sheer horror and rustic beauty went through Graal like a bullet to the heart. Stopping him into place... "So this is where I'll be staying... Wonder why they want a person that barely lived through sheer luck," saying to himself as he saw a small clearing packed with people.

OOC: Ugh... I believe I'm having a crisis right now... I'm starting to not like how I write but it's the only way I know. :\
OOC: Hope nobody minds that I crash in...

Dashing through the plains aside of the manor, Noct and Solaris ran as if the devils of hell itself were chasing them. Well, Solaris did anyway. An eerie, raspy scream echoed about behind them, a voice not entirely of this world.

"What the hell did you think I meant?! I told you to stay the hell quiet, and now we have a damn Voracious chasing us!" Noct practically screamed, his scythe slung over his shoulder, with its blade gripping his shoulder at an angle. The weapon writhed, responding to energy it was receiving, elongating and sharpening its blade.

With a glare, Solaris angrily replied. "Its not my fault some damn Bloodpod was trying to eat me! You could've smote it when you had the chance! ...Fence." He stated, followed by pointing at the border to the Helsing manor. With a burst of energy and a shattering of a Tesseract, Solaris transposed himself across the boundary complete with a blurred transition and a small rip in space.

It was a fairly high fence, and scaling it was out of the question. Their unwanted pursuer would catch up before he had time to get half way up the damn thing. Falling to a crouch, Noct pumped energy from one of three shards around him into his legs. The fibres responded by increasing in density, and released the added tension with a loud crack. A trio of aerial flips later, and Noct crossed the boundary of the manor. He took a quick note of the feeling of the wards admitting him into the territory.

The strange pair did a quick high-five, and turned toward the forest, listening intently. Their unearthly pursuer was being rather silent. Perhaps it couldn't cross the boundary?
"Fair enough, Altun. Just...try not to kill them yet. None of them can do serious damage here, you know that." I shake my head. "In the manner, all of you. I can see if I leave you out here, I'll find at least two smoking piles of ash, courtesy of a Holy Smite."
I think to myself: "Am i the only one here that doesn't seem to have a temper or being chased by something crazy?"
I nod to Helsing;
"Right, That I can live with."
I say, heading for the manor doors.
I decide to head for the manor doors as well, not wanting to get pulled into something.
OOC: Should we do "that" from the previous attempt?

K got it.
Nope, Seraphim's a bit younger in this one, 19 instead of 35. I've got some similar but different plans for him this time around.
Graal spotted others walking towards what appeared to him as doors... Walking up to the man that Alistair told him to see as Tobi, gave him a brief description of his looks while in that apartment. "Alistair told me to find a Tobi... Are you him?"
I nod, offering a hand in greeting. "You would be Graal then?"
"We shall have words when I return Noct."

The statue of an angel by the front gate cracks and takes a step forward. Sheets of stone thinner than paper fall as more and more cracks formed on the many surfaces of the Archangel. Another step send even more stone shards flutter to the ground. The holy light of his armor began to show through the gaps in the stone sheet.

Then the wings broke.
They did not fall off gradually, but exploded off as if the wings had been flexed violently. The pure white feathers seemed to shine in the sun, or perhaps their own light was complimented by the sun. It was hard to tell.

Altun's sword came up to a ready position as he advanced to the open gates and passed through them. Golden light rippled around the manor as the Angelic warding was rendered almost visible for a moment.
I turn around to see Altun walking and seeing the statue gone. "Ok...that explains a lot."
The druid morphs into a cave bear and charges past the huntress and conjurer, not wanting to be torn to pieces by the two of them. As he gets a safe distance away his form changes again. Borealis sighs and sits down in a chair and looks towards the doorway to see if he would need to move.

Lalrye walks in and begins scanning for a place he would be able to set up a ritual, he had all the supplies he needed to do so in his bag. Though he felt the need to grab Schepper and prepare for combat. The Ker shrugs it off and continues scanning.

The young huntress walked into the manor and the first thing she did was climb up to the first place she would be able to sit and watch over everything. Mercedes was always vigilant and was the watchful eye. Something all huntresses are trained to do.

But before they all entered they had seen the statue move. "Okay, now I think I know who tried to kill me when I attempted a visit to heaven." Lalrye had said. Mercedes had been slightly shocked, but was relatively unfazed. While the druid had been thinking about how cramped it must have been to be stuck in a statue.
I glance at Noct. "The one time I invite you and your brother over and you have to bring something with you? Just once couldn't you bring, oh I don't know, tea?" There was mirth in my voice, but I was also serious. This was a habit of his that could damage Darkova far more than I would like. I grab the conjurer by the shoulder. "Not within these walls, other wise I'll put the bullet in you myself. I understand your need, but it is not a wise thing to do here."
I decide to find my room inside the manor. Upon finding it. i rest on the bed, due to being tired from a fight with a few Lesser Demons along the way to Darkova and not wanting to get mixed up in any fights that may occur.
Lalrye disappointingly looks down. "I suppose I could get an essence to make me a hole outside of the courtyard to preform them in. Would the entrance to the ritual chamber be allowed within the fences?"

Borealis starts thinking about growing a garden at the manor, perhaps brightening it up a bit. Maybe even have some deer and other animals run freely through the yard.
IC: "sorry for being late. Some hunters from the 'royal family' decided to have a chat with me" i growl
Noct's eyes go wide with mock terror in his hoodie, facing the angry Helsing leader. Almost childishly, he point towards Solaris, and states in a comical voice: "He did it!"

"I did not! Its not my fault!"

"The same way it isn't your fault you screamed like a little girl and got us into this mess?" He states with a smirk. "All jokes aside, it was a bit of a contrived coincidence. Something kinda caught wind of us and slipped through. It's probably busy rotting away right now anyway." He states, trying to assure Tobi.

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