Darkest Heart

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IC: I prepare both of my semi-automatic pistols with specialized silver ammunition while running and keep them both in hand, ready for anything. "Almost there...."

OOC: If i miss anything...I CURSE THEE TO HELL PARENTAL CONTROLS!!!!!!!!
A lone man ran across the rooftops in a series of fluid leaps, landing in a way that seemed to cost him almost no momentum before continuing his dash.

He had a broad, flat brimmed hat that was angled to cover his eyes from view. His clothing was almost all the same color, a dark brown not unlike darkened leather. On the figure’s left hip was a thin bladed rapier, and the left hand held a machine pistol. An assortment of pouches circled his leather belt, which seemed to be made out of the same leather that made an X across his chest. This part had slots for a few clips of ammunition, a dagger, a few vials of liquid, and a few other items useful in his line of work.

He flinched as the sound of a siege tank firing its payload reached his ears.
In any other situation he would be helping the militia fight, but his mission had to come first. Besides, the Brothers had told him that VanHelsing and many other hunters would be taking the field against the werewolves. If VanHelsing couldn't hold them off with help then there was probably nothing he could do.

The man stopped running rather suddenly at the edge of a rooftop. He had arrived at this objective. He took a step off the roof and landed gracefully on the ground. He then turned around so he was facing the house's door. The place looked normal enough, but he could feel the taint within... Definitely the correct place. There was a quiet shing as he drew his rapier from its scabbard.

He pointed his machine pistol at the lock and shot it once before kicking in the door. Four rapid steps later he was inside. "The Inquisition has found you. Submit and your judgement will be painless."

The door squeaked as an unseen force shut it behind the man, leaving the room totally devoid of light. A woman's unpleasant laughter filled the room. "Oh, 'The Inquisition has found you' I'm absolutely terrified. Scared stiff! They sent a whole one man to kill me. Absolutely terrifying." The laughter filled the room again, this time more mocking.

The man remained still. "So you refuse to submit?"

The laugh died out. "You inquisitors are no fun. DIE WITCH HUNTER!" The man rolled to one side as a hex hit the door, leaving a significant dent and the smell of charring.

The inquisitor raised his pistol and fired a small burst at the laughing witch. The muzzle flash illuminated his face, revealing both eyes had been bandaged. The witch hunter was blind. The witch for her part, had a ward ready and the bullets bounced off it in varying directions.

The witch screamed when she saw his face. "Traitor! You were Mordra's pet! She gave you many gifts and you turned on her!"

The silence stretched in the once again dark room. The man could not do much when the witch had a ward up. Sure he could bring them down easily enough, but he would be vulnerable while he did so. Might as well speak of the past... as unpleasant as that was... she would lower her guard a bit. "Mordra's gifts took my eyes from me witch! Though I do not contest that the things she gave me are great, I will never see the smile of a friend again. Besides, she made me to kill the rest of you."

"Lies!" Hissed the witch.

The witch hunter's voice remained calm. "Truth. You know how ambitious Mordra was. She was making me so that I could kill the coven head for her. Why else would you give a servant so much strength and speed if not to kill your enemies?"

The witch hissed at him. "You turned on her! Killed her mercilessly like the animal you are. You deserve no pity."

The witch hunter smiled invisibly in the darkness. "She was as cruel to her pets as you are... Dara of the Nine Eyes Coven."

The witch roared in rage and dropped her wards so she could curse the man in front of her to a slow death. The bullets reached her first. The roar was cut short as holes were ripped into her lungs by the bullet's passage. She fell to the ground with her mouth open like that of a fish, trying to force air into her damaged lungs. Blood began to pool beneath her.

The witch hunter walked over, deftly avoiding furniture he could not see. He crouched beside the gasping woman. "I remove your taint from this world. May you find peace in spite of your deeds." He sheathed his sword before reaching down and snapped the woman's neck.

He tuned and left the room, leaving the blood of Dara of the Nine Eyes Coven to pool on the floor.
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Was occupied with Heart of the Swarm release. Missed much. Require recap to participate.
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We bombed the first test, and now we're all gathered together in a forest and attempting to assist a group of hunters from a horde of werewolves.
Och, soonds laek a right parteh tae me. Ah'll nae have trouble dealin' wi' yon puppy-dogs.
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save a group of hunters

Fix that sentence, private. You are saving a civilian population and helping their militia.
Moving things along here...

Quickly make our way towards the town, we burst through the edge of the tree line and see...

To you, Lord DM.
The militia was haggered, even with the Siege Tanks and Thor for support. For being only fifty wolves, there were a lot. I cursed, looking at Alistair. "I didn't know they had lied to me, Master Tobi. Shall I assist?" I shake my head, watching for them to adapt.

"No, this'll be good for them. They'll learn quick or die..."
Taking in the situation with a glance, I whip out a few orders on the fly;
"We need to keep those were's off the heavy support; if they're not bogged down with the nearest were then they can go for the best targets.."
"Alright then. To those of you who didn't hear, protect the Siege Tank(s) and the Thor from attack."
*Comes back in with a large sword sticking out of my chest, the word 'HOMEWORK' written on its blade*

IC: Noct paused for a moment. A significant amount of energy had been released within the village, and there were very, very few things that could release such energy. It was a worrying thought to the Wanderer...

"I... think we may be in trouble on arrival. I felt something big happen..."

Solaris ran alongside his brother, pelting nearby werewolves with needle-like tesseracts. When they connected, they'd release a pulse of energy, and an inhuman shriek would scream out in reply. His face quickly paints itself with a cruel smirk.

"I'll see if I can help amplify whatever damage the marines and tanks can do. A tank shell going off beside you does something, having it detonate inside of you is another entirely!"
Graal was rushing up alongside Seraphim. "This is crazy! We should focus on trying to live firstly and helping them secondly! We can't do anything when we are dead and it's better off if we can get the militia and... Wait... How did a village get their hands on a Thor?"
A marine waves the hunters over, his visor raising and a relieved smile on his face. "Good to see you made it. Help us hold until we can zero the tank cannons in on that alpha." As if on cue, a loud snarl rings out and the attack waves stop. The marine, a sergeant insignia on his shoulder, grimaces. "That's no good..."
Noct quickly tries to seize up the situation, speaking to the sargent as his eyes trace the treeline, worry showing on his face.

"Sir, if you can, get your men to keep their line behind us. We'll dance with the Alpha, and your men'll keep it under suppressive fire. I'd also like to know how many tanks are operational, and how many casualties are around, if you mind. Such numbers are of use to me."
Graal then looks at the marine. "I should warn you... This Noct guy is... Insane... I wouldn't trust him completely when he is now asking for numbers..." He stares off into the distance. "Is there any possible way for your the soldiers to retreat further into the village and said up a bottleneck?"
The sergeant opens his mouth but, I cut him off. "Retreat is not something you do when civilians are at risk, Graal. You aren't just playing with your life. That village opening is designed as a bottle neck in case you'd missed that. Noct, you'll do as the sergeant says. You're there to assist, not take over." The sergeant laughs then speaks.

"Both tanks still run fine. As you can see, they're up on the wall and that's built high enough only the Gin Okami have ever cleared it. Of course, we're on good terms with them, so they aren't the threat." As the hunters inspect the wall, they can indeed see only one entrance in and out, and it's being guarded by the tanks, militia and Thor. The walls are indeed high enough that no were can jump them and so sheer there claws would find no purchase. "If you have snipers, we can put them behind the main line. All we need is the Alpha to be kept away from the walls long enough for the tanks to zero in. Also means we need you to get it to hold still."
Graal sighed at Tobi... Realizing he was right. "Okay then... I have a rifle that is good at longer range than most but it isn't a sniper rifle... But it can also be used for short or medium range fire... You choose where I go then."
"Close enough for a sniper for me. Get behind us." The lines part to allow Graal in. The Sergeant looks around at the others. "Anyone else?"
I tap Avenger, it's blade of 'light' glowing softly;
"I just got this, but it's got one hell of a bite... where do you need me?"
I ask.

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