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I find myself back in the Manor. "What happened? Ow, my neck."
Graal was on the floor coughing, his hand reached around his neck as if he was still feeling that gut wrenching squeeze.
"Alistair transported your Astral forms to the village. It's how I run certain tests. While firing as one like you did was well done team work, it...wasn't the best choice."
"Forgot that they could melt bullets...Should've used my dagger instead."
Holding a defensive position at the base of the barricade, I watch as the first wave of were's is gunned down by the militia;
...they've got a high rate of fire... but not high enough...
I think to myself as were's quickly gain ground towards the town;
...here they come...
"Now I know this isn't a !@#$ing dream, this is real..," he says as he tries to get up. "Someone help me up please... One thing though... Those things aren't normal and we must have been dealing with the runts earlier..."
I manage to stand up and help Graal up. "The runts couldn't direct enough heat to melt bullets. The Beta did. Unfortunately, we weren't aware of that until it was too late. 'Least we tried."
As the main body of the pack comes charging at the barricade, I lunge forward, careful not to get too far out as I slice the first were in half with strike from the side;
...one down, too many to go... this is going to be interesting...
The werewolves kept coming and I grimaced, my wings starting to extend. "I'm going myself. You two did well, managed to catch onto the 'team' part of this fairly well. Stay here, rest. Alistair, keep them out of trouble." He bows and I walk from the room, heading for the front door. What are the Hi Okami pulling...
The witch hunter made a particularly risky jump to put him over the fire balls, and he barely caught on to the tree branch he had been aiming for. The remainder of his momentum was spent as he swung onto the branch, using his hand like a pivot point.

At about the same time he felt the essences of two of Helsing's hunters leave as they were recalled.
Cheaters. I'm actually risking my life to do my work.


They will probably live longer.

His thought was interrupted by a second barrage of fire from the werewolves. A leap brought the witch hunter to another branch as the one he had occupied was engulfed in flames. He turned and brought his machine pistol up and fired about ten rounds at one of the werewolves.

They were not silver, but Iron bullets that flew at the werewolf (Iron has a melting point about 400-1000 degrees Fahrenheit above silver, depending on how the iron was forged) That is probably why the bullets got through... Kind of.

Of course, the fact that these bullets were blessed so they could effectively penetrate weak to mid-range magical protections (like a witch might have) just might have been part of the reason as well. Or perhaps all of it.

Small spatters of liquid iron (the remainder of the bullets) burned at the werewolf's coat as whatever spell protecting it didn't quite destroy the bullets. The werewolf roared in pain for a moment before batting off the rapidly hardening ore. "Not silver!" it roared triumphantly.

The witch hunter's blade passed effortlessly through the werewolf's throat and severed it's spine. He had followed his bullets with a leap, as most creatures expected someone with a gun to stay at range. It had worked every time he dared to try it, but eventually someone would expect the maneuver. A yank to one side separated about half the werewolf's head from his shoulders, and the now dead weight slid off the branch.

"Eyeless Witch Spawn!" Yelled the second caster in terror. The voice sounded absurdly young to the witch hunter's ears, and the sound of the werewolf breaking branches as it made it's escape followed right on top of it.

The witch hunter let the child retreat. He was not ideally equipped to fight werewolves right now, and the youngster was probably headed back to the main group. The witch hunter was also confused. "Eyeless Witch Spawn?" He asked the air. It was accurate he supposed... but how could the werewolf have known that he had been twisted by a witch?

Questions within questions. The kind best explored when not in danger.
A shadow passes briefly over the witch hunter, the presence not evil like with a Fury, but of one renowned throughout Darkova. Landing in the village proper, I approach the gate, the second line of militia men, saluting and stepping out of my way.
Graal was situating himself once he got up with the help of the other hunter. Resting a hand on his side as well. The pain had flared but he was alive and uninjured.
"Well, i hope the others are ok and can finish the mission..."
Downing another few weres, I fail to react fast enough as a beta charges, throwing me back over the barricade.
I cut down a couple of weres before going to help Seraphim.
With Seraphim and Helen distracted, the weres make a rush at the Militia. They maintain a constant rate of fire, but it's clear they're going to reach the line. Or would have, if I hadn't intervened. A hail of bullets kills the entire first three rows as I leap over the line of Militia, Argost and one of the machine pistols in hand. "Come on out, Alpha." The surviving werewolves simply remain where they are, growling, as the Beta goes for the kill on Seraphim.
I hit the Beta in the head with my shield. "Get off of him."
The hit barely phases it as it stands up to it's full height and hits Helen in the face, sending her flying.
In the momentary distraction from Helen, I strike out at the Beta, boosting myself, attacking faster than humanly possible.
You're fighting a Beta. Thorough teamwork, not momentary.

IC: The Beta ducks the blow and slams it's elbow into Seraphim's gut.

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