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I recoil visibly. I hadn't meant to make him mad. "S-sorry." I was very much subdued and grabbing some other food I go sit against a wall.
Graal brought his head up. "It's good to feel some comfort though... they don't want to feel... out of place and distracted by this... emptiness."
"You do not notice it until you are returned to your body. Upon which case it is best you eat the first chance you get."
OOC: Slow RP....

IC: I hungrily grab various foods and begin eating them, one at a time. "At least the food is filling."

Finishing the apple, I grab some bread and cheese.
I finish what I had taken and still hungry I stand up and go back to the table for some more.
Finishing off my food with a small burp, I cover my mouth to mind my manners and grab some more fruit, this time a pear.
I chuckle and shake my head at Seraphim before grabbing a chicken breast and digging in. Well at least he is better behaved than most boys I've met his age. My own brothers included damn they were slobs. I think with a smirk.
Hearing Helen's chuckle I look over mid-bite, a comical expression of 'what?' written all over my face, made all the more amusing by the tidbit pear juice dribbling down my chin.
I grin ear to ear as I take a moment, my free hand shooting up to cover my own mouth in a closed fist, to not choke on the piece of chicken in my mouth. I laugh openly after I finish swallowing the chicken the look on Seraphim's face just too funny. After a moment I calm down a tiny bit and reply to his unvoiced question. "Sorry ... just ... you ... too ... funny." I say between fits of giggling.
Following a look of surprise and confusion, I flush in embarrassment and look away, furiously wiping droplets of pear juice off my chin;
"I... ah..."
My own face had turned red but not from embarrassment from how much I had been laughing. I wipe a couple tears of joy away as I calm down. "I really am sorry I just wasn't expecting good manners from a ... from someone your age especially not from a male." I return to eating my piece of chicken still smiling.
"Oh.. That's something my parents are big on; 'Never eat with your fingers at a formal dinner, unless appropriate for the food and always hold the door for others.'."
I say, imitating a fatherly voice;
"Ah, my parents.. what a pair of romantics, always upholding traditions.. somebody has to, I guess."
I say with a chuckle.

Damn CR's faulty internet, and may it make a swift recovery.
I nod. "Yeah I guess so."

OOC: he should be fine tomorrow afternoon ... and I get a feeling that Mira Lierth is going to be very much not happy with how you ended the fight ... though I say way to go with that :P
Heh heh, well, Alicia's perfectly willing to flip that woman off again, that's for sure. Thanks BTW.
Alistair listened to them talk, worrying for me. He knew I was quite capable, but he also knew that this attack was stronger than it should have been. "Master Tobi...stay alive..."
Pack leader Ra'kor (not his given name, but pack leaders named Bob didn't get as much respect) listened to the carnage... Siege tanks and a Thor. And now VanHelsing had taken the field.

He was the Alpha within his own pack, but in this engagement the Alpha of the Clan was in charge. Yet... Alpha had been acting irrationally. Everyone knew it. But no one could make Alpha submit so... the issue was left alone. But this had gone to far. Attacking a population center in force? Now standing to face VanHelsing?

Foolishness. Beyond foolishness. It was insane. If only...

He was inturupted when a young female of his pack came running through the nearby guards and strait into the 'command post' if the little clearing could be called such. The girl had shifted back to human before coming to a complete stop."Eyelesswitch'sspawn!" The girl all but shouted at him. Obviously whatever it was was important, because she hadn't taken the time to but her shirt (which was in a small bundle tied to her leg) back on.

Ra'kor held up a hand. "Cloth yourself child and slow your words. I can not speak hummingbird."

The girl looked down at herself and blushed. She grabbed the shirt from her bag and donned it with the smooth familiarity of an action repeated thousand times. If nothing else, the embarrassment cleared her head enough for her to speak at an almost normal speed. "I saw the Eyeless Witch's Spawn! It killed Oli."

Ra'Kor found himself troubled. Oli had one of the better bullet shields around, so the hunter would have needed to get close. Of course, this worry did not show on his face. The child needed someone who looked like they knew what to do. Panicked leaders looked weak. "I see. Give me what detail you can."

She swallowed and thought a moment. "We heard someone jumping through the trees, and when we sent fire at him once we knew he wasn't pack. He dogged them like they were only a minor convince. Then he shot Oli. Well... almost." Her voice broke.

Ra'kor nodded encouragingly. "Almost how?"

The girl swallowed and continued. "H... he had his bullet barrier up, but the bullets seemed to melt instead of vanish. He yelled 'not silver' and brushed the molten metal off. Then the Witch's spawn killed him with its sword. Stabbed him down the mouth and cut the spine I think. He isn't human, a human couldn't have made the jump. He turned his head toward me. I saw the bandages over his eyes."

She swallows again. "Then I ran. I could feel him... observing me as I left."

Ra'Kor nodded. "You have done well. Is there anything else?"

She shook her head. "No Alpha, nothi- Wait. No, there was something else... But it makes no sense."

Ra'kor narrowed his eyes. "I will decide what makes no sense child. Tell me what you have recalled."

She looked at her toes for a moment. "He wore the symbol of an Inquisitor."

Ra'kor's surprise was so great that he didn't stop himself from saying, "An Inquisitor? That makes no sense." Then he growled to himself. "No, I take that back. The Inquisition would never pass up so finely crafted a weapon... Given they could control it. You were right to bring this to me child. Wright down everything you can remember and bring it back to me later."

The girl nodded and ran off.

"Sound the retreat."

The beta looked at him sideways.

Ra'kor growled. "We have lost to many, VanHellsing is on the field, and our Clan's Alpha is insane to fight him. Call the retreat. NOW."

The beta nodded and shifted. A single howl split the air, signaling the retreat. Another howl joined the first as another Pack's Alpha seized on the chance to escape this battle. Then a third. Maybe the Clan Alpha was crazy enough to stay here, but his underlings were not.
It's, uh, not the Clan Alpha. It's the alpha of a larger pack...
I worked with what I remembered. But how to correct that... Hm. Feel free to outright strike it from cannon.

Also, how many werewolves are actually attacking? I saw 50 somewhere, but that is obviously to few given what has happened.

Also (2), Sorry if calling a retreat messed with some plan of yours.
50 is what they were told. Clearly it was a lie. The actual number is the full force of the back, around some...450 of them. Like I said, a larger pack.

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