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"That's what you said the last time, Noct." I think for a moment, then nod. "I'll let Altun know when he gets back. Only the entrance, nothing else." I look at Nasu again. "The Royal Family will fall soon enough. Their own arrogance will ensure it."
Stepping inside, I whistle as Altun begins walking off the grounds;
...now there's someone I never want to get on the wrong side of...
IC: "also the fact i pummeled ten of their men. So when does training start?"
03/10/2013 10:26 AMPosted by morrjo
It's probably busy rotting away right now anyway.

A loud detonation followed by an unearthly scream disagrees with you immediately.
03/10/2013 10:33 AMPosted by Zanon
It's probably busy rotting away right now anyway.

A loud detonation followed by an unearthly scream disagrees with you immediately.

This^ made me laugh. XD
The loud detonation awakes me immediately. "Cant a guy get some sleep around here?" I decide to head out to see what happened, only to see a pile of ash where the detonation came from. "Ok...i better not get on that angel's bad side..."
"Yes... Graal..." Graal answers that question for Tobi.
OOC: O_O < My face, and Noct's.


Noct... Winces.

"Just 'cause its rotting doesn't mean its dead. Creatures from The Ways decay steadily outside of their environment..." he states, a bit embarrassed. His head turns away.

Solaris snickers, and mumbles something under his breath. Whatever it was, it added to his humor.
I nod to Graal. "Glad you made it." I look at Noct. "Regardless, you always find a way to let something sneak out of there...just keep a tighter lock on your doorways this time."
I eye the unusual pair with a wary eye;
...Tobi seems to trust them, but... there's something... off about them...
He gave a nod as he looked around, "And I saw the strangest thing ever. I didn't know if it was just my imagination or if it was real... All I know is that it killed an animal and ate it in front of me. A silver wolf... The same color as during that incident. Then when it ran off it turned into a girl... Am I going crazy?"
I think to myself: "Call me crazy, but i think those 2 over there are crazy! Well one of them anyway. I have no idea why Tobi trusts them!"
"No, you saw a werewolf, most likely of the Gin Okami clan. One of the greater clans that roam Darkova."
Noct stretches, and lets out a soft sigh. "I hope you don't mind me grabbing something to eat. The last half-decent meal I had was back in The City of Sins... And processed crap tastes god-awful!" He half asks, half states, and sets off towards the front door.

Solaris simply stays put, observing the folks around him. "Certainly a strange bunch, aren't we?"
Alistair's arm stops Noct at the doorway. "You may eat after the evaluation."
That peeked Graal's curiosity. "You mean that what that thing was that one night was a Werewolf? Like in the stories... So this girl was a Werewolf as well... I knew she couldn't smell me, the wind was blowing my sent away though. Where does this clan live at though on the planet?"
"The Manor sits on the eastern most edge of the their territory, so to our west. East we have Hi Okami Clan. The Kori Okami to our north and the Kaze Okami to the south."
Noct looks at Alistair, his eyes comically wide. "You're cruel!" he states, before turning around a fake pout for a moment. "So what precisely does this test involve?"

The half-shard behind Noct shimmers for a moment, its prism-esque shape swiftly shatters in two. Its greater companions absorb it, and Noct seems to sag a little bit in response.

Solaris simply takes a brief seat on the cobblestone ground.
"You will see. It shall be held in the entry hall." He pulls out Heretic and fires a round east without looking. It is followed shortly be the dying screech of a Vampire.
"Interesting, just tell me though... What does the Okami part mean? After all you just said it four times... But more importantly... Where is their home besides territory markings?" Graal asks, slightly wanting to know more since this is interesting since one of these beasts tried to kill him and killed everyone he knew.

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