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"Their dens cover their whole territory, could be anywhere. As for the Okami, it stands for wolf. Each clan named itself based on fur color and the abilities gained as a member of the clan. I'll be honest, the Gin Okami have yet to reveal any special abilities though."
"So, now we wait. I guess." Noct states rather plainly. "You don't mind if I go for a wander, right?"

Solaris looked like he was all about to pass out on the ground.
"I believe later if we have the time... We could figure out why a 'Gin Okami' attacked us in a warehouse all the way in Korhal... Plus you could tell us their abilities from the other clans... After all, it's good to know what you are going to kill if they get out of hand... Wouldn't you agree?"
A few days earlier a package arrived at Helsing Mansion with two letter attached. The package and one of the letters was addressed to Helen Mytycana and the other letter was addressed to Mr Helsing. The letter addressed to Mr Helsing explained that Helen had left before her parents could give the item contained in the package to her and asked that he keep it safe until she arrived at his mansion.

I walk out of the forest and up to the gates of Helsing Mansion. I see several others inside and know immediately that I was a bit late. I pass through the gates and move towards the group. There were several furs, from various animals, hanging off my pack and shield from hunting on my way here. One of them, which I assume to be Tobi Helsing, fires a round to the east as I walk up. "Are you Tobi Helsing?" I ask the one who had shot.
"I wouldn't go far, Noct. We have just three more members to arrive." Alistair fires another shot, and an imp falls from the sky. I look at Graal.

"The Gin Okami have their share of rogue members, same as any of the greater packs. Odds are he or she snuck off world and picked your group to kill." I tap Helen on the shoulder. "I would be Tobi. I would think you'd recognize Alistair from his visit to your home."
"I see... But I would still like to know more about what we are killing... And if I'm allowed... I believe I'll be keeping watch at times in a tree hiding my scent as I watch. You'll never know what you might see." Graal says.
I chuckle and shake my head. "Sorry I'm a bit out of it been walking for the last 5 days."
"At a later date. For now, focus on preparing for the test." I chuckle at Helen's remark. "You'll get back 'into it' soon enough. Take a bit of a rest, we have three more we're waiting on."
"Test... Looks like Lady Luck isn't gonna save me now... I'll go inside and rest then..." Graal said as he took off for a walk into the manor.
I nod. "Test ... sound fun." I say sarcastically. "I think I'll go inside myself." I walk off towards the manor.
Alistair stops them both, shaking his head. "Only Master Tobi may enter right now. He would like you all to enter at the same time."
I nod before taking my pack off and setting it down. I sit and lean against it.

OOC: OK gonna disappear for a bit.
I walk off to a corner of the grounds and begin doing a form of meditation so that i will be focused when the test comes.
"So he wants us to rest but not go inside... Whatever... I'll just go be in a tree out by the road. After all, not like something will be able to harm us with people like you, right Alistair?" Graal said in a calm tone, he knew he was right.
OOC: Did everyone suddenly die?
"No. There are just missing people."
IC: i grin "in this test do i get to fight someone strong?"
I eye Nasu. "You'll fight what I put in the test, Nasu, and deal with it. Even the weakest foe can bring down an over confident Hunter."
IC: "who said anything about overconfidence? i just know i'll win"
I finish meditating and see Nasu arguing with somebody. I manage to catch the last line. I then walk up to Nasu. "You know, that itself is overconfidence, thinking that you've already won."

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