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"I don't think I could trust the huntress." Lalrye pipes up, his hand resting on Volbloed.

The young Lya glared, "Not like anyone can trust you either." Her hands were already resting upon the hilts of her daggers.

"Why can people not be friendly?" The druid throws his hands up in he air in defeat and walks over to a section of the courtyard where nothing is being grown other than grass.
I shake my head at the pair as I lean against one of the pillars at the entryway. "You two have a long ways to go before you learn, I can see that much already."
"Well, this teamwork exercise should probably help them. Sometimes, you have to give people a chance rather than turn them down at first sight."
I move over under a tree resting my gear against it. I sit in the shade of the tree and meditate. from behind the tree a rather large white three tailed fox appears seemingly out of thin air. The fox jumps and knocks me over. I turn and land on my back as the fox begins to lick my face. "Shu ... Shuri ... st ... st ... stop!" I say laughing and trying to push Shuri away. Shuri backs off her tails wagging and I sit up. I start to pet her and she lays down around me.
Watching the woman with the unusual fox, I grin at it's antics;
...seems friendly enough, but I doubt that's the case with everyone...
Goshdarnit, I missed the beginning.
It's fine, we're just waiting for ya.
"So why are you here?" I ask before Shuri's form begins to glow and then quickly shifts into the form of a 20 year old woman with fox ears and three tails.
"Your parents sent me here ... for you ..." Shuri glares at Tobi for a moment. "The sword is currently inside the mansion and Mr Helsing seems to have forgotten about me."
I chuckle and hug Shuri happy to see her again. "I'll get it from him in a while."
I glare back at Shuri. "I did not forget, you can simply be patient. You would be too much of an advantage for the test."
Shuri pouts at Tobi for a moment then returns to her fox form and goes over to Seraphim.
With a smile I carefully reach out and scratch the fox on the head.
Shuri sniffs Seraphim a couple times while he scratches her head before she licks his face.
I smile and grimace, wiping my face on my sleeve;
"Who's your friend here?"
I call out to the woman that the fox had approached first.
"That's Shuri she is a Kyuubi bound to my family. Honestly I didn't expect her to even be here." I call back and Shuri morphs before glomping Seraphim. "Looks like she likes you too." I can't help but laugh at Shuri accosting the other hunter.
OOC: basically she jumps on top of him, knocks him over and gives him a hug. if you want more info ... I hesitantly suggest you google it ...
Borealis looks at the Kyuubi. "Interesting creature. I have not learned of such a thing." While he stares trees start to sprout around him and a grapevine curls its way up his leg.

Lalrye pulls out Schepper out of boredom and a fiery portal opens up and out pops a ball of flame. The portal closes and the ball starts to take the form of a three tailed fox. It spits a orb of fire out of its mouth into the sky like a beacon and it explodes into fireworks, only orange and red, but still, fireworks all the same.

The huntress still sits on a perch of the building, looking curiously at the little forest sprouting around the druid. But the second the fireball went up into the sky she nearly fell from her oversight position. Luckily her reflexes were quick and Mercedes threw herself back upon it.
...That's referencing Anime, isn't it?...

I blush furiously, trying to remain polite while simultaneously attempting to get back on my feet.
Solaris groggily sits back up. Noting the lack of time passing, and his brother standing by the entrance, he looks about with a bored expression.

That is, until he looks towards Shuri and Seraphim. An expression of brief suprise fills his features, before they were replaced by a evil smile Noct was all too familiar with. Rising to his feet, he started to make his way towards the group-


Before a six foot spear embedded itself into the ground at Solaris's feet, to which he jumped away from. Noct's voice could have frozen boiling water.

SF, you have forced Alistair's hand...

IC: Mercedes finds herself being held up by the back of her shirt and floating downwards, an annoyed Alistair being the culprit. "Kindly refrain from such things here. We've a hard enough time proving we don't allow monsters here."

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