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In preparation for the launch of StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm, we wanted to share a few things to make the expansion launch experience as epic as possible. This thread covers a few of the common steps that you must take in order to be ready to play at Launch.

First, we highly recommend reviewing the Minimum System Requirements for the game. If your system does not meet the minimum system requirements, you may run into performance issues and troubleshooting may be limited.


If you picked up a physical copy of the game, login to the account management page and claim your game key included in the box (Collector’s Edition: Sticker found on the ‘Quickstart guide’/ Regular Edition: Sticker found on the main sleeve holding the game ). Please note that StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is required to play Heart of the Swarm.

If you upgraded directly online or if you have already claimed your key, run the game launcher and start the File Optimization (see below).


Heart of the Swarm does not require an installation. If you have the latest Wings of Liberty patch ( , and have gone through the file optimization, you already have all the necessary files to play the game the expansion.

If you have not gone through the file optimization process, start the game launcher and wait for the process to complete (see below).

For returning players that need to install, you can use your Heart of the Swarm disk or grab the game installer via account management.

**Note** If you played the Beta, we recommend completely removing the beta folder.


Patching is not required. If you have gone through the file optimization process, you are ready for the expansion launch.
File Optimization

To start the file optimization, run the game Launcher (StarCraft II.exe). You will be presented with: Your installation of StarCraft II must be optimized before you can play. This process can take 15-60 minutes and shot not be canceled once it begins. Do you wish to proceed?

Click Begin to start the file optimization. During this process, you will see “Reconfiguring game files. Please Wait”. Wait until it is 100% complete before clicking Play.

If you experience any technical difficulties with the file optimization process, please check our Optimization troubleshooting steps.

Global Play

To switch regions, click on the Region button on the left side of the Login screen, and select the region you wish to play in.

Expansion Level

When logging in to the game, make sure you have the proper expansion level selected.

From the logon screen, click on Options> Gameplay > Expansion Level.

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