Join the biggest SEA community

Hey guys!

This post is for all the new players coming in from HotS. The SEA community actually has a thriving community at with over 12,000 members. We are a tight community and welcome new members to join.

A few things you may like there

  • Weekly $$$ tournaments, for BSG, GPD and GM
  • Streams - Add your stream and watch others
  • Clans - Join a clan or start one easily
  • Forums - Organised and moderated

  • Exclusive Strategy - The best players on SEA like mOOnGLaDe, PiG and Mafia actively post there.

  • Exclusive Strategy Top players often share strategies and tips with members
  • Chatbox - Our infamous chatbox is always online
  • Weekly Shows - The SEA Podcast, PiG fundays etc
  • Major Tournaments - ACL, IEM, Blizzard tournaments are all posted there.
  • So check out our site at and existing members please help bump this thread and help spread the love!

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