"Resource stall", "Network Spikes" counter explanation

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Hello all!

We’ve noticed some confusion about the “Resource Stall” counter that some of you have spotted in the game, and we wanted to briefly explain what the counter is keeping track of. The counter is tracking the number of times that your StarCraft II client has needed to accomplish something that was not already pre-loaded. Examples of this include:

- Streaming missing data
- Loading data assets from your hard drive
- Compiling graphic shaders on the fly

It’s important to note that having resource stalls does not indicate, by itself, that anything is wrong with your StarCraft II client. The counter is primarily included for the benefit of our developers, and we apologize if not masking it has resulted in any misunderstandings.
Network Spikes

A network spike means the game received more turns than expected from the server in a given period of time. This is when you'll see units speed up to compensate.
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