Mira's Bar: ENG speaking community, KR server

I'm moving to the KR server with the release of global play. So i've started a group there mainly for hanging out and chatting between games. It is called Mira's Bar and you can find it in the Regional Groups section. Just search for Mira's Bar.

Hope anyone who is moving to KR can join me as I'd love some ppl to talk to!
hows your ping over there?
While you cannot tell 100% because blizzard has blocked the the ablility to ping their servers directly you can ping their bnet websites. To the Korean Bnet website my ping is on average 30-40 m/s faster than to SEA bnet.

As far as playing on the server whilst laddering I have noticed it is slightly more responsive for me. Not enough to change servers but having more people to face up against, meaning more accurate ladder matches, is awesome.

Where'd the original disappear to?

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