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is there anyone that can help me with tvt in general? I suck at knowing when to push out, where to siege up, and i get wrecked every game. if anyone over the diamond level help, maybe even coach? but sadly, i cannot pay, just a highschool student that plays the game
You push out as soon as you get about 3 tanks(you can go before that, but that is when tanks are really effective) and siege them up as much on their door step as possible usually with an air unit like a viking or a medivac (usually a medivac these days but I still like to make a couple vikings) and then place sensor towers at home for the drops that no doubt they will try to do. If your position is close enough on their door step they wont go around it. I for one constantly try to push my tanks forward into a better position and if your constantly inching forward it's harder to ignore. I wouldn't recommend rallying to your forward position as you still need units at home for a drop and you should be doing drops yourself as well as taking bases because your forward army makes the bases behind it safer. And always take the naga. If you get pushed back to the naga it is very hard for them to take.

It also really depends on your build. Like thorzain did this build a while back that day9 covered where he had a !@#$ ton of marines and busted the other guy's front when he had about 1 tank just coming out.

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