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"Relax guys. I know this sucks, but don't let it get to your that much. Things could be much worse."

...perhaps :)
I want to build a new rig... my machine is good but as a laptop it's had a lot of hard hours on it. The gtx 660m has been a great card but it's finally starting to show its age.

This game is actually affecting my decision making though...Not sure what cards I want to go with now :/

I've had a preference for nvidia before but I've heard the performance and support is about the same now. Plus...different manufacturers make the same cards now ...Anyone have advice?
any more word?
MY Starcraft II issue is solved at last!

Quick response from to deactivate account:



We are preparing to have your account information deleted from our system. Please note, that when we complete this process, all game licenses under this account will be terminated and we will not be able to restore the account. Once the game licenses have been deleted, you will be unable to use them on another account. This process should take approximately fourteen business days from this notification to complete.


id think anyone with half a brain would just sell the account and at least make some money O.o

just because i got sick of WoW doesnt mean i deleted my account or chars, i just deactivated and if i want to i can opt back in or sell the account and make some dough. pointless to just throw away money like that lol. but sure you go teach blizzard a lesson!
Post already blizzard
This is becoming more and more of a joke, please Blizzard, fix this finally. Game crashed even during the WCS Europe. And start optimizing your engine, everybody by now knows it's been broken since 1.5.
I can't play the game anymore, it crashes regularly freezing the computer.
lol the ignorance is impressive imo... I know that it's not up to the cs team to fix the issue but their job on keeping us customers informed is done impressively poor... Seems that their communication into the other direction to technicians/developers is similar well done. Just ridicolous!
lol the ignorance is impressive imo... I know that it's not up to the cs team to fix the issue but their job on keeping us customers informed is done impressively poor... Seems that their communication into the other direction to technicians/developers is similar well done. Just ridicolous!

I just can't believe they don't realize how important and how much it means to people that they just touch base. I've been in so many threads, mostly across WoW but also war3 and other games, through the years where all they would have had to do is say "hey we're still here we're paying attention and we're still really sorry about this guys."

And people really appreciate it. REALLY REALLY appreciate it. They don't however and it's a !#@$ing shame. Simple courtesy goes so far in this world.
Hey guys have you tried this:

I did it and it seems to have solved the problem.
Hey guys have you tried this:

I did it and it seems to have solved the problem.

Thats one of the first things i tried and it didnt work. I have tried so many things by now that im sure the problem is the game itself and there is nothing i can do to fix it. I am also sure there is nothing wrong with my computer for many reasons, the most important one being that before the HOTS patch i had been playing WOL since release non stop and then this !@#$ty expansion came and ruined the game for me, thanks blizzard.

I got through the campaigns just fine (got this game 14 days ago), played a 4v4 online and maintained around 15-30 fps (lagging bad enough I could barely send resources to allies... on 'Low' settings). Tried to watch the replay and got the DirectX/OpenGL error. It's occurring with more frequency and despite dropping down to low (using 1280x720 resolution, although everything else uses 1920x1080) the frame rate is getting worse.

When it goes off, I get 0fps for about 25-30 sec then a crash to desktop and the error message.

I'm doing this on an ASUS G75V with:
Intel Core i7-360QM @ 2.3GHz, 12 GB RAM
Windows 7 (64bit) (SP1)

Initially I didn't have the most recent driver, so I updated (@ 314.22) and now this crash is occurring with increasing frequency. Everywhere I've searched indicates that this has been a problem since Jan and no offered fixes have worked (that I've found).

I just got the game... my laptop handled BF3 on high easily enough so idk why SC2:HOTS 'LOW' is too much...

For now I can do single player, but that's not why I got the game...


Most recent crash: 5:15PM (Eastern US) today @ the beginning of a 3v3, selected a larvae and game died. 2/7 online games (ignoring AI) lost to this now...

Edit: Now that I think about it, if creep is on my screen my fps slows; if only creep with units moving, game dies...

I was fine until I started doing player vs.player, it took a week to get through both campaigns and I didn't play for a couple of days.

Intel Core i7-3610QM @ 2.3GHz, 12 GB RAM
@BorisSpider did you try reseting video settings to default? I did it and let antialiasing disabled and it seems to have solved the problem for now. No more crashes since then.

Yes. I can no longer watch replays either... instant crash. Antialiasing is off, Vertical sync is off, default has me on medium otherwise, and it still dies. Everything I try seems to increase crashing.

Apparently the solution is to avoid NVIDIA products regarding SC2 at this time.


Campaign still works...

Finished a replay, but crashed at the menu...
honestly im surprised they havnt locked this thread to just stop people from complaining. ive given up hope for starcraft II, i probably wont even buy lotv, i mean whats the point of buying a game you cant play?

Using capped frame, default settings seems to be holding, probably too early to tell. Game has the same appearance as a space version of WC3:TFT though...


mine was crashing in replays too. I'm running default settings with antialiasing off and capped frame rate, and not a single crash since. I can't isolate the problem, but at least I can keep playing while we wait for the Blizz to find a solution. I hope yours keep working too.
Well, I can watch replays and play campaign. That's it though.

Crashes consistently online, still with increasing frequency. No apparent support for this so, crap. No one has succeeded in a fix. Support for this issue died about 2 months ago.

We need to warn other NVIDIA users interested in this game that there is a decent chance player vs player wont be possible despite accepting WC3-era graphics with a worse fps than WC3. I would have avoided until that was fixed.

Had I known, I wouldn't have wasted $80. The game is awesome when playable; well, if it was playable. Hopefully they fix this problem, and I'll return (like anyone really cares..) if they do.

White flag.


What I don't get:
1) Everywhere I look implies the campaign is where the crashes typically occur. For me the campaign is the only place it doesn't occur (well, so far). Changing the video settings has minimal effect on the fps and nothing I do can reliably reproduce this regularly. Yet, SC2 consistently drops me to desktop (it stays closed) and the error pops up with the request to send the error log to blizzard. On the lowest settings without any enhancements on, I can barely see the game.

2) How is it no one knows what's causing it at this point? From what I've looked up, most of these issues started in January. It'll soon be 1/2 a year and the most recent comment by Blizzard/NVIDIA I could find is around 1.5 months ago (I'm not counting CnP of previous posts), which is the most recent patch from what I've inferred.

The 'fixes' I've seen posted rarely work for more than one person, and they seem more accidental than anything else.

3) I don't get any artifacts. The fps will drop, recover a little, drop more, recover a little... eventually the screen freezes (sound seems to be normal, the background music for sure). My menu works fine. Everything loads fine.

I've done modding for WC3:TFT, and whenever I created a major memory leak I'd get the increasing lag like I do in non-single player SC2:HOTS. Only WC3 didn't shut itself down. The timing between lag spikes is irregular, but does get worse with the more stuff I have on screen.

Game duration played has no regular effect, my first few games were barely playable but didn't crash. Then I decided to watch a replay and it abruptly died (3 seconds into it) and gave me the error. Since then it's been happening consistently. At the beginning of a 3v3 I selected my first larvae and the game crashed. Then I played several 2vAI games with a roommate (doesn't have this problem, also doesn't use NVIDIA) and was fine. Next day I play a 3v3 (only game) and get about 20min into it before crashing.

What I'd like to know:
1) Has anyone switched to using a non-NVIDIA card (because of this) and been fine since (playing SC2:HOTS)?

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