The Rising Tide

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The thunder awoke me from my slumber and rattled the stable, setting the horses to whinnying. My own, Snowfall, remained calm. She'd seen me cause storms such as these on the battlefield, drowning my foes when I couldn't see them. I listened to it all, enjoying the peaceful bliss of loneliness that it allowed me to have. No friends, no family, no lover. I would be the last of my family's bloodline and I would have it die out with honor.

The winds manage to blow the stable door open and a stable hand scrambles to close it, fighting against the wind. "Confound it all! Why can't these storms leave us be!" Finally, after nearly 5 minutes of struggling, he gets it closed again and he locks it shut this time, returning to the fire where the others were. No one liked me, nor did they want to be around me. I didn't mind. It allowed me to continue things as I knew and liked them.
Ceodore just looked into his sons eyes with a deep sorrow of pain and agony. "Son... They wouldn't care if we all just died overnight. We are maggots who chose a mad king and now we pay the price... Including everyone. We may be hardy and all of us knowing how to fight! But alas we are too weak to do anything about our situation," he said with honesty. The fireplace losing it's heat as the wind surged through the doors with a bang. Blowing out the fire as even the banners were torn off with lethal force. Guards rushing to help immediately in barring the doors from the wind.

Bale had been on one of the ships as it came towards the port before the storm... Did they get the chance of survival? No... Except for a couple perhaps...

The storm hit the ship hard, tittering it on the brink of capsizing. The lightning striking where the mast was as it came crashing down. Crushing an unlucky sod. Bale was scrambling from the deck, their rowboats were gone in the storm and the ship was on the urge of sinking as well! That was when many... Including himself jumped off the ship and into the violent storm... Funny thing was, Bale wasn't a good swimmer.

Guards and townspeople watched as people jumped from the ships. Including their Lord's son... They knew it was him. But they didn't seem to care... Maybe the rumors was right, it was the gods punishing them all and they were starting with House Remnani... Maybe it was meant that they weren't meant to lead and govern the island... Some townsfolk deciding whether or not they should stage a coup and overthrow Ceodore Remnani and his House. Pleading with the King to change his decision and to bring one of his own loyal subjects to govern them.
I wash up and begin to help my mother with dinner. I always stopped about an hour or so before my brothers and father to help make dinner.

"So how is your project going honey?" My mother asks as she chops up vegetables and puts them in a big pot for soup. She never did mind that I wanted to work in the forge with my father and brothers instead of being like other people's daughters.

"Good it will take another couple of days to finish." I reply as I begin to put some bread in the oven to be reheated. I then help with making the soup. My mother nods and we continue in silence as we had learned how the other worked in the kitchen and we could co-ordinate making meals without talking.
Too the people of the islands it seemed to be an hour before the storm finally subdued into calm gentle waters... Townspeople slowly walking away from their homes to survey the damage that had been done. With the guards helping any citizens that had been stuck outside during the storm. Taking them to the inn to get warmed up.

Bale was nowhere to be seen from the other crewmen that had managed to get back onto the port. With one Jeromy Remnani rushing out to ask them where his brother was. They had no clue. Some said he was swallowed by the ocean and that he drowned...

A lad woke up puking up water on a beach... Faraway from the islands. The force of the waves carried him far as he did not fight them. Bale was weak and lay in the basking sun, sand coated to his vest.
The sound of the storm abating was what woke me the second time and, without a word, I stood up and jumped from the loft, landing softly. Walking over to Snowfall, I saddle her up and climb on, heading out of the now open stable doors to the wharf. I needed a ship.
Amy could see several of the townsfolk dripping wet as a few others were lucky enough to be dry. Ships crashed into each other and none was sea worthy as of now... That would bring the coin coming in to a steady stop as they needed those ships. But there was one ship... One of the twenty ships from the Navy that was not damaged at all.

Jeromy was sitting on a crate thinking about his brother, Bale, delving into his mind as he spotted Amy trotting by. He was soaked to the bone and his hair a mess. His eyes dull looking. "If you are looking for a ship... You are out of luck. The only ship available is one of the Navy's ships."
"I have other means of travel if necessary." I kept riding, already feeling the magic flow into my hands. It would seem another voyage across the sea on ice. Snowfall and I didn't mind. It gave us the solitude we preferred.
"Other means... Magic, I should have-" Jeromy stopped as he wanted to continue but there was hollering. Some of the local fishermen got in the faces of several guards. Yelling at them... Jeromy quickly arrived as a man had the support of twenty townspeople so far. "...should throw out out House Remnani and have the King put in one of his loyal followers! We need his help but since that mans father was involved with the old Kings madness! We either throwout the House or we start a rebellion for what rightfully belongs to us! Or children will suffer because of their actions!"

More guards were arriving on scene with Halberds and Tower Shields. They were going to break up the protest and if needed... by force.
Cecil turned around, and drew the black sword out of its sheath. "Why don't you leave the threatening to the bandits. Let's fight, Imposter."

Soul and the girl started to walk together down the mountain. As he was doing so, the silver haired man was pondering many thoughts. What would he report?
Three doomsday cults had appeared in the past few years. The assassination of the eldest son of the lord. Riots all over the country. Even his own informants were starting to be killed.
The code... The information locked away within the body? What the hell did that mean?
Things were shifting.
He wasn't sure if these aspects were linked. Cause effect or what not.
As they were walking the girl fell over, and scraped her knee.
Soul turned around and reached out his hand. "Get up, we have a long journey to trek."
To his hand, she shivered and backed away.
She got back up, then fell over again.
Sighing slightly, Soul grabbed the girl before she could react, and slid her on top of his shoulders, like a father carries a child on a piggyback.
After a few minutes of fidgeting, she eventually got used to it and waited.
"What Am I going to do with you."
(Spy's report will come when Smylez returns. And when I have time)
Adriel sat by himself in the corner of his favorite bar, drinking down whiskey. It'd always been his favorite bar, ever since his father bought him to it at the tender age of ten. Today, it is nearly empty, most people having gone home to weather out the storm. He wasn't one of those people, as he didn't fear any weather. He'd seen just about it all. Hell, he was an expert on the oceans, and he knew this storm, while powerful, was nothing he couldn't handle on a ship. No ship under his command had ever had any incident, disregarding the one ship that he had to drown out the memories of.

"Ya gonna stay here the whole damn storm?" Asked the bartender, to whom Adriel replied,

"Yeah. Hope you're okay with that. I'll even pay a little extra if you make me, I got the cash." He continued drinking, even while saying that. He was hardly paying attention, because he was thinking back.

"It's fine," The bartender said, before turning back and leaving him alone. Adriel was in the corner of the bar, and the man realized he wasn't interested in conversation. He didn't want to ruffle the feathers of the great pilot, either.


"What do you think, Adriel?" A sharply dressed man called out far too loudly from the opposite end of the table of the man he was speaking to. The man at the other end, Adriel, seemed to be frustrated and angry. Several mates stood nearby, listening intently.

"I don't god-damn know, sir. You got us into a helluva mix." The man says, broodingly. Outside, the waves rise high, but something off in the distance glimmers. "Why the hell'd you come this damn way anyways? You know...I told you-"

"Enough!" Yelled the sharply dressed man, Captain Wilks. "We're in this god forbidden straight now, and I want you to get us out!"

"I can't tell you how to escape a damned demon, sir. That....damn thing, I don't know, sir. I can't tell you. I simply can't."

"There's no god-damn demon, you fool!" The captain yells, very irritated. He hated irrational men, the ones who think some glimmering is a demon. They were in a difficult straight, yes, but nothing more. He wouldn't stand for it. Suddenly, a scream outside, as a wave washes a young deckhand overboard.

"Dammit!" Adriel yelled, as a person outside followed him, trying to save him, barely managing to pull him back up. "Fine, sir. Forget the damn demonic spirit out there, even then there's no way to get out!"

"Stop talking about a damned demon!"

Adriels head hurts, as he takes another drink.
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a man had the support of twenty townspeople so far. "...should throw out out House Remnani and have the King put in one of his loyal followers! We need his help but since that mans father was involved with the old Kings madness! We either throwout the House or we start a rebellion for what rightfully belongs to us! Or children will suffer because of their actions!"

More guards were arriving on scene with Halberds and Tower Shields. They were going to break up the protest and if needed... by force.

The guards lined up behind Captain Marcus Albin, a knight who served the Remnani household during the war. He held his hand up, signaling his men to stand at ready to disperse the crowd if needed. He rode his horse to the front of the crowd.

"What is this that I am hearing? Are you trying to instigate a rebellion against your lord?" he asks the man who riled up the crowd.

The man looked up and spat in front of the horse. "He is our lord no longer. Look around you! Has the Stormwinds seen better days ever since our defeat in the last war? No! Everyday, we folks pray and hope for a better tomorrow and that day has not come! I, no we are sick! Sick of the Remnani's leadership!"

A small crowd like this could grow even bigger if it is mishandled. Marcus held up his visor and looked at the instigator directly in the eye. "And I suppose it will appease you if some foreign interest took governship over the islands? You'd prefer someone who do not know the ways, the tradition, the values of the Stormwinds. Tell me, do you think the Crown who already screwed us over, will care about us if they send a lapdog to replace Remnani? Do you really think you can trust them? House Remnani will stand as it always will. It will prevail against the tempest. It will stand against the rising tide."

He awaited the man's answer

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The man was taken back from the sudden change in the crowd. Looking back as they murmured that this Sir Knight was right... They were all being foolish among their homeland. The protesting had stopped as he answered the Knight. "We are sorry... You must understand that we are just becoming upset with these recent turn of events... Soon I don't know when our coffers will be drained when the trade lines between here and the mainland cease to exist..." Stormwinds might be hardy and ready to fight, but sometimes it was just too much for them all.

Another man spoke up as the instigator had quiet down after his apology. He was pointing out to the sea. "Not only that... We just lost one of our Lord's sons in that storm, he might have lived and this could be a problem if the other houses find out that we are weakening if not on purpose."

More and more began to join in, this time a woman. "We may be strong, but even you must realize that even if we can't make a difference with our strength... We must push for it. We need help! Not just from our own friends, family and neighbors, but from the other houses... We need an alliance to make sure that we can survive and repair the damage once the food and coin has run dry."
The crowd was bigger than before, perhaps some forty villagers were gathering. Though the atmosphere was remarkably less hostile, Marcus knew it could still end very badly.

"Our lord's son is at the sea? Tell me, which son is it?" demanded Marcus.

"It is Bale sir. Bale was among one of those ships before they capsized."

"Bale...this is not good. The sea currents today are fierce and we lack ships to search the open sea. I fear for the worst. Men, arrange a search party for Bale! We must find him, dead or alive!"

"But what about our concerns?"

"I understand your concern but duty calls elsewhere. I will take your grievances to Lord Remnani afterwards. Persevere! You are the sons and daughters of the Stormwinds!"
Then as if on que, everyone was cheering for their homeland, and their house... A few of them had also staged this event to see if their own people still cared for each other. The sounds of hollering as the Dock Workers got back to work on the repairs of the badly damaged ships.

Fathers, husbands and sons went to work to prepare for the search parties on the island if Bale was to be found on the islands themselves. Mothers and daughters preparing themselves but in another way. Most chose to stay inside the town as to help with anyone that was affected by it. Making clothes, helping mend a broken bone, or even sooth the soul with hot food. But it went both ways, both men and women stayed just as both men and women are going to help search for their Lord's lost son.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - --

A young man was waking up as the sun hit his soaked back. Sand caked onto his clothing and his skin as he stirred from the darkness. Water rushing up towards his leg as a wave hit the beach side.
Marcus entered the Renmani's household and found Lord Ceodore in the lobby. He bowed his head and request an audience.

"My lord, the people have grown restless. I have seen them gather in greater numbers. It will only be a matter of time before the sword is to be used to maintain order and even that won't last too long. They are a good and hardy bunch but they need guidance. They clamor for relief. They wish to be allied with other houses. Surely there are some that will answer our call?" asks Marcus.
The sun beats down heavily on the young man's back.
Lord Ceodore bowed his head in respect to the man known as Marcus. Helping Ceodore to keep the peace when he couldn't. Wanting to share his thoughts with him as well... After all this could easily turn into another disaster.

"I have realized this already... I can feel their pain and sorrow. Don't use the sword on them would be my answer, they don't deserve it and they would only be more angered by the recent number of events. We all need to guide each other... Without each other we will falter to oblivion and sink into the abyss of the sea as it swallows our loved ones. And we do need to have an alliance, even if it's just with one house. You see, none of the houses care if we live or die, we in fact chose a mad king instead of rebel against him... We need that help and we need that trade." Ceodore replies to Marcus.

His chin held up high as the fireplace glowed with radiance of the upcoming salvation that could happen.

"Marcus... How will we pay the king if we lose our trade and our economy?" He asks honestly.


The man turned to face the son, throwing up water that came from the vile sea. On the shoulder piece of the cloth was House Remnani's symbol... He was Bale.
Reaching a secluded cove, I set to work forming the boat from the ice, focusing all my attention on it.
"Marcus... How will we pay the king if we lose our trade and our economy?" He asks honestly.

"Appeal to the king directly. See if our allies on the mainland will provide aid for us. Your lineage has lead us for nearly a century. It cannot end like this my lord."

The man turned to face the son, throwing up water that came from the vile sea. On the shoulder piece of the cloth was House Remnani's symbol... He was Bale.

"Are you awake sonny?" asked the man.
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IC: Ceodore stood up, facing his banner above his chair before looking back at Marcus. "And if the king doesn't care about us? Our fair king almost stripped our Navy... but we'll see if our allies can help us... If only my daughter will accept the marriage with one of the Great Houses... Question is, which one shall be marry her with?"


Bale awoke with a groan, sand in his hair as he looked up at the man, seeing his sincere look. "I am now... where are we? It's a lot warmer here."

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