The Rising Tide

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"That is something you should decide my liege. Perhaps the Illeris would be interested in such a proposition? They are close to our waters and it is only a few day's sail."
Sea gulls fly above Bale. The sea waves come and go. It appears Bale is alone. There is a rocky yet wet road to the north.
Smylez, give me more information on House Illeris. That would be good to know.
And don't make it a Lesbian Marriage either. XD

IC: Ceodore thought this through and he gave a hardy nod while sitting down on his chair. "That settles it. Send a message to the House Illeris for a proposition... My daughter may not like the idea but even she must realize that she must do her part to help her people survive."
Bale had noticed the sea gulls slowly... there was no man. Just an illusion brought up by the heat and lack of water most likely. The waves washing up his leg, sand coating his hands as he desperately tried to stand up. Not before falling back down.
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"It is best if you write the letter and hand and seal it with your stamp. You shouldn't relegate this to anyone else my lord. I will fetch a bird in the meantime."
A seagull lands on top of Bale's back and squawks.
Ceodore paused, this could be trickier than he thought... There was only one candidate and Kristina might not want a man that's older than her by a margin. "This could be problematic. The only suitable member of their family would be the Lord's brother who is of 28. Kristina as you are aware of is... 16. She might not like the idea but there may be no other choice."
Bale smacked the seagull with one free hand. Scaring it off as he rolled onto his back and stood up. Almost stumbling back over. Storming the beach it seemed only more clumsy as Bale stumbled and rolled and got right back up. Falling down on soft, wet grass.
"Shall I fetch a list of allies who will want to join hand with this house through marriage?" asked the captain.
"You look like you could use some help," says a voice. Bale looks up but his eyes only see a shadow of a person. He is still groggy.
"No, captain. Kristina shall do this. She needs to do this for her people. For this House that we may have a chance of marrying her to, is a supporter of the King... She can get aid through them to help us and our people." Ceodore said, carefully planning this as it could easily backfire.
Bale saw into the persons eyes... He couldn't tell if the person was a man or but a lass. Coming to help him. Bale's head came back down across the grass.
"Very well my lord."
The voice becomes much more clear. It's clear its a female talking.

"Hello? You're quite lucky to be here. Were you thrown overboard?"
Ceodore dismissed the captain as he retreated to his room of the compound it seemed... He might as well start on the important letter. Both sides could benefit from a marriage.
Bale turned his head to see a face, the sun blocking it out and he could have sworn he saw an angel.

"Ye...yes." Bale said, disoriented still from the storm.
"Stay here, I'll bring someone to carry you." The sound of footsteps echoes away from Bale.
Bale croaked from the pain in his throat as he tried to spit out the words. Groaning in pain he said, "Please, don't go..."
Ceodore arrived in his room. Sitting down at a table as he pulled out a parchment and quill and ink.
Creating the ship required all my focus and after several hours of work, it was done. Leading Snowfall on board, I use my water magic to get the boat moving, heading for the main land.
OOC: Sorry, I've been neglecting this. I'll post tonight.
OOC: Sorry, I've been neglecting this. I'll post tonight.
Good. :P I'll be having a post for you anyway... Marriage. :P

IC: Ceodore began to fashion the note. It wouldn't be long but kinda short and sweet.

Lord Eriel of House Ileris,

My people need help, we both need help... Another terrible storm has ravaged across our lands. Destroying homes, and ships. The hopes they hold dearly are diminishing and they want me to conjure up an alliance with one of the many Houses. We need food and coin... We can do the petty repairs but the more serious damage will take time, resources and precious coin. We shan't ask the King ourselves because sooner or later, we will lose our dignity and honor to him. And the King's treasurer will be collecting coin soon... we need it. We just don't have enough as our shipping and trading has failed us lately. Not enough fish in the waters and not enough natural resources in abundance around the islands... I will try to open up a new mine but we don't have much to work with at this point.

So I wish for a proposition of marriage. My Kristina of 16, will do as what's needed for her people... I would like to know if your brother, Zirian, will want to marry her. It's a strange proposition for there are 12 years apart between the two. But we don't have much choice and this will be like a traditional marriage. It'll also show strength between the two Houses. While bringing a hidden favor within the higher court. Maybe the King will help his "subjects" if this works out. You don't have to go with it if neither of you want to. For this is your brothers decision as well.

My wishes and a better bringing of ties,
Ceodore Remnani

Ceodore had finished and he stamped the Remnani seal on the letter.
-={Twenty two hours and sixteen minutes later}=-

The small fleet from Athernae sailed out of the burning cove silently, the only sound being the crackling of flames fading in the distance from the island they had just left. A sharp but far off crack could be heard, as the damaged mast of one of the pirate ships left shattered in the bay snapped under its own weight.

Zirian Eleris sat in the bridge of the Kestrel, watching the dancing flames as he slowly marked down an X over the island's location on a map. The pirate camp had gone down quickly and neatly, with the entire base razed and all ships in harbour destroyed.

The Athernaen frigates had caught up to the two pirate vessels at dawn, and suggested that they surrender. One had, and gave them the coordinates of the base before being allowed to sail away. The other was decomposing on the bottom of the sea. It had refused to surrender and attempted to close within firing range of the Athernaen ships, but its captain and crew must have quickly regretted that decision; two vandarium bolts to the bottom of the hull and water had flooded the ship, sinking it without a fight.

As it turned out, the base was entirely unprepared for an attack, and it had been set ablaze and the harbour destroyed before more than half a dozen pirates had managed to get out the door to return fire. Shortbows did little against warships however, and the archers were dead before they could reload. All in all, the operation had gone very well, thought Zirian as he drew a line following the fleet's path.

Ciara Eleris stood on deck as the Kestrel passed the final island before the land of House Remnani. The rays of the midday sun shone onto the fleet as the ship passed out from under the shadow of the island, bathing the deck with light. She reduced the strength of the wind behind their sails as they entered the view of Ferrlon, and the other ships followed suit as they passed through the coastal waters of House Remnani.

As they came towards land, a small boat formed out of ice passed by them. A young woman, obviously an experienced magic user, was the craft's sole passenger. Interesting... It was uncommon to see experienced mages in these parts except in Athernae, but not unheard of. She appeared to pay the fleet no heed however and continued on her course, and the craft passed each other in silence.

There was the blast of a horn from the bridge, announcing their arrival to the city of Ferrlon, the distinctive shape of the Athernaen flagship glowing in the sunlight as it came in to port.
I watched from a distance as the Athernaen flagship sailed into the Remnani hangar. I simply turned my back to it and continued on. With in the week, the day if I felt a need, I would be on the mainland.
Owl, I'm going to presume you got the letter.

IC: As the Kestrel passed through the water, spotting several fishermen on the ocean. It's full armament showing the world that they shall not tolerate violence against them... A perfect example of unity in some way. The advancement of technology.

The port was clearing way as the workers loaded up the ships that were repaired and moved them out to sea so their guest of honor may port closer to the Hall. Guards were coming out to greet them as Ceodore was outside with his daughter as well... Kristina. Watching the Kestrel pull in with magnificent glory.

They would be walked back to the Hall.

A night ago, Ceodore and his eldest daughter talked about the possibility of a marriage. It was important and she knew that it didn't matter if she hated it. It was all about bringing two cultures together, two traditions. Helping the people. She had been all riled up about the chance that this man was like her. One who wanted to help their own people as well.

Ceodore hadn't sent the note, instead he received one from his guest of honor. So they shall talk about it at the dinner table later tonight. After all, they should come up with a plan.
OOC: Well since Zirian is on the ship, you can give the note directly. Also, afk 30 min or so.
Emmanuel Heartstone was awed by the capital.

He had been there before, but he was easily awed. His cousin viewed the place with distrust; he did not like the closeness of the city, the numbers of people. He preferred hills, woods, and rivers, places where he could escape the eyes of others.

And the judgement of others.

They were to present themselves before the king. Em was giddy, Li was filled with dread. He had heard the rumors. They said the king was mad...
Bale croaked from the pain in his throat as he tried to spit out the words. Groaning in pain he said, "Please, don't go..."

Bale wakes up on a bed. There is a bandage on his head and the smell of bread and smoked fish permeates through the air.

"Oh you're awake! How do you feel?" asks the lady. She appears to be in her early twenties.

They were to present themselves before the king. Em was giddy, Li was filled with dread. He had heard the rumors. They said the king was mad...

Crowds of people go about their business in the streets. The merchants shout the prices for the wares. Down the street on the very end, a chorus of women accompanies a trio of men to an outstandingly decorated building.

"Make way! Make way! You are the Heartstones correct?" asks a knight, accompanied by a small escort.
Li throws his cousin a glance that says "Shut up and let me do the talking."

"Indeed, sir. I am Li Heartstone, son of Ming. This is Emmanuel, son of Emmanuel. Who do I have the honor of addressing?"

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