The Rising Tide

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Ciara took Ceodore's hand and gave it a quick shake. "I understand. This is partially what we came to speak to you about."

She caught the hint in Kristina's tone. Normally she would be able to spare a few coins for the beggars, but in this case they would distract from more important matters. "As much as we would no doubt enjoy a tour, I feel that it would be better for us to speak in private for the time being. Perhaps if we have time later a tour would be possible, but for now there are... things to be discussed."
Owl, you never edited in my ship leaving as your fleet arrived.
Owl, you never edited in my ship leaving as your fleet arrived.
Right... I'll do it tomorrow.
Later, and totally against his will, Li Heartstone was following Em through the streets. He looked sour, his usual public smile erased.

Emmanuel was very happy to be in a city. He was a city person. He loved the blurs of motion and sound, the smells, the sensations. He had plenty of coin and was passing it out freely, much to his cousin's displeasure. He bought pastries and fried meats and rolls, he handed gold coins to beggars, he sampled everything he hadn't before and most things he had. He was like a rich child in a candy store.

Li was keeping an eye out for potential threats. He had enjoyed marketplaces in the past, but only when dressed as a peasant and protected by a low blooded friend's street wisdom. This dancing through the streets flinging gold in all directions was a good way to get robbed or murdered.

Which was why he was holding carefully onto his money with one hand and keeping the other near his sword.

Of course, there were so many nobles of various types here... surely a couple of Heartstones wouldn't stand out. Not as if anyone hated them anymore than anyone else did. He knew his family wasn't popular amongst most groups of nobility, but he wasn't concerned about having a nobleman pick his pocket. It sounded elitist, but it was true.
Ceodore was about to speak once more as his daughter rudely intercepted him. "Right now we are helping everyone that had suffered worse from the storms... but unfortunately since you just showed up... They might behave in a... strange pattern." Kristina said while leading them back to the main hall, their humble abode. A few trees were downed in the courtyard but a few were intact.

[Reaching the Dining Room as the guards dispersed to the sides.]

Ceodore sat on one side of the table with his daughter as a guard pulled out two chairs for their guests. "Shall we speak first? Or do you want the honor? After all. You arrived before I sent out the letter."
"Please, go ahead," Ciara said as she sat, Zirian beside her.
Owl, you never edited in my ship leaving as your fleet arrived.
Ceodore passed over the note. Every detail was in it and he waited for them all to read it before he decided to talk.

"That is our... problem. I talked with my daughter with this idea and she is for it. This could bring our people closer together... trade around ideas to help each other. It's not the king whose loyalties resides with. It's the people I should think about. They need our help... and this is the best way to get it done and you know just as well that this will help us improve ties." He paused for a brief moment so he could recollect himself. "And we need coin... the king likes to tax us... heavily compared to the other regions. And I'll let you two talk to my daughter about anything else since she's involved."

Kristina smiles. "It's true... I want to help our people thrive and survive. We may have a warriors spirit. But it can only go so far. It was actually a good thing that the captain of the guard manage to stop the protest before..." She almost froze and didn't say another word.
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Owl, you never edited in my ship leaving as your fleet arrived.
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Ah, I see it now. Wasn't looking far enough back.
Zirian reads the note in silence after Ciara, putting it down slowly when he is finished. He sits in silence for a moment, unsure of what to say, until Ciara spoke up.

"As a matter of fact, this... is partially what we came to you about. As you know, House Ileris has remained mostly isolated from the rest of the world since the beginning, choosing the pursuit of science and higher knowledge over interaction with the other Great Houses. However, over time we have come to realize that our isolation also makes us vulnerable in some ways. We have not the numbers to stand if more than one or two houses were to attack us together.

Therefore, we came here to you, to ask for your friendship. As for the marriage, that is Zirian's decision to make. Regardless of what he chooses however, we are willing to give our friendship with or without a marriage. I would like to propose the idea of an alliance between House Ileris and House Remnani, to the benefit of both our peoples."
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WTF are you doing DMing my thread?
He thought that his disguise as a Hybrid would successfully conceal him. The true Hybrid has returned now, to drive out this impostor. Begone, foul creature!
I was bored.

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The girl merely smiled faintly. "The people speak ill of your father outside his walls especially those in the outer islands. Do you know why?"

There is a town crier in the middle of the street.

"Come! Come! Have you heard the news? Under the king's order there is a jousting tournament to commemorate his son's death! A tournament to prove your worth before the king and honor his son! What greater glory is there? Come! Come..."
Bale was thinking hard on this... he hasn't heard about anything on the outer islands. "Please tell me... I can't seem to know why."


Ceodore gave a faint smile. Happy that at least a couple of the houses didn't ridicule him or what his father had done. "This almost brings tears to my eyes... This would be a great opportunity to help each other and I agree. As for the marriage. That is why it's Zirian's and my Daughter's decision. I will not force it against them. They shall be given a freedom that none of us truly have... they get to choose."

Kristina gave a smile at both of their guests. "Thank you for your generation. I... I don't know how long we would last without some kind of help from outside of these islands."
"They think your father's lust for power drove the Stormwinds to ruin. They think that answering King Hagar's call was merely a pretense to get closer to the crown. Some have even secretly hoarded stashes of arms."

"How is your throat feeling?"

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