The Rising Tide

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OOC: Sorry, forgot about this. I'll see if I can post something either tomorrow or over the weekend.
Ciara stood to follow Ceodore out of the hall, taking one final look around the room as they walked out, before turning back to him. "Actually, if you wouldn't mind I'd prefer to use my own bird. Not to be rude, it's just that Eriel will recognize it and the message will likely get through to him faster that way." She slipped a hand into her pocket and searched for a moment before coming up with a blue-green quill, frowning slightly. "It does seem that I forgot to bring extra ink and paper however, would I be able to perhaps borrow some?"

Zirian watched the door close with a soft thud, leaving the room void of outside sounds. He looked back at Kristina with a sigh. He sat in silence for a moment before speaking. "To be quite honest with you, I am not at all sure about this... What do you want though? This is as much your choice as it is mine."

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