Constant freezing unbearable

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I started playing WoL FFA games in anticipation for HOTS. The game would constantly lock

up,repeating any sound that was playing at the time, for anywhere from 5-10 seconds. It's

been happening even more often while playing the campaign. It's truly unbearable to the point

where I regret coming back. Is there anything that can be done to stop this so I can have a

smooth game play experience. This has never happened before.
I'm having this as well. About 3-4 times per minute the video stops, the music stutters and it lasts around 5 seconds. It makes it pretty unbearable. This is in the campaign, BTW. I tried restarting computer, restarting game, turning all settings to low but no help.
having the same issue, but on multiplayer which is EXTREMELY frustrating during engagements to have the entire game freeze mid-combat and lose half of your units because you can't micro anything :(

- as suggested elsewhere i did play a game without any sound just to see if it ran any better and it actually did, but it still froze at least once. obviously this needs to be fixed and playing with no sound is incredibly boring.
I just lowered my settings to ugly levels. Here's to hoping it helps.
Note: I could play WoL with no problem back int he day at max settings.
I have this same problem as well, and didn't have any problems previously in WoL until a patch or two ago. Lowering sound channels to the minimum helps but doesn't fix it. Sound card is SoundBlaster Live!.
Same problem here. Anyone know if it's a hardware or software issue yet?
I think it's game related because I never had the problem before. Wish someone could help.
Same issue with me as well. I notched some settings down (but not too far yet) and it hasn't seemed to help yet. It really sucks when it happens as a portrait is talking (pseudo cinematic in the game play) and I miss what they said.
still having this issue
Same problem
if i had a dollar for every time i heard about or experienced this issue for the past 3 years, it would pay for both of starcraft 2's overpriced expansion packs
still having the issue everyone? just checking. me too.
same problem.

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