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I have been trying to run my SC2 on my Mac.
Currently I can get to the log in screen enter my user an pass,
Then the game just waits forever. It never actually gets to the game portion.
I have tried to reinstall SC2 and that has not worked.
If you could help me get this fixed. That would be most appreciated.
- Sim
What part of the login process is it stuck on? (authenticating, connection, loading, etc)
I can get to email and password.
After entering my information it just shows the world spinning.
And after about 15 mins it informs me that I cannot connect to the network.
Can you try telnetting to our server to see if this isn't due to something blocking the connection?
"telnet us.logon.battle.net1119
us.logon.battle.net1119: nodename nor servname provided, or not known"
That is what showed up.
There seems to be a space missing. Make sure you copy/paste this in as is.

telnet 1119
telnet 1119
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Any update?
I would really like to play to the DLC....
Hi JaeSim, do you have the firewall on or do you have something similar such as Little Snitch blocking the connection to bnet?

Alternately, try deleting this folder:

Sometimes a cache file gets corrupted and causes strange problems. StarCraft will automatically re-create this folder so don't worry.
I do not have any firewall or little snitch blocking bnet that I know of.
But I have deleted the folder, and now it is saying that I can only play in offline mode.
It wont connect to Bnet at all...
Now I kept on waiting and came up with this error.
Unable to download an authentication module.
This seems to indicate something is blocking the auth module now.

I've seen this happen on public/work networks like colleges, universities, military and other types of network that have additional security settings.

Are you on any of these networks?
I am in the military using the internet here.
But technically it would be different because I pay for the services from the Japanese Nationals.
And if this does happen. Why would it just happen now when it worked fine before.
Additional note: my friend who uses the same router/ internet can play starcraft 2 on his windows.
Thanks for the additional info. Then if this is the case, something locally on your Machine is causing the issue, most likely.

Can you try closing background applications and see if this helps?
Closed all Applications did not help.
Now since i deleted the battle net folder, it wont connect at all.
It goes straight to "no connection detected play in offline mode"
I am on a different WIFI as well. Same result
Try creating a new admin user on your Mac. These errors are pointing to that folder, so it may be permission related.
Alright made a new admin user now what?
Additional update: Firewall is off.
So I fixed it kinda -
Switched servers from america to european.
It is working but everytime i go to the american server it freezes yet again.
This would effect my online play, if I played online that often.
Anyways any update at all would be helpful.
Hey JaeSim,

This is something we've were able to reproduce, but only when using the HotS launcher.

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