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its been more than a year maybe since i last tried to update then when i try to update my WOL this is what happens... i just bought today the HOTS, i cant install it without the previous patches please help... i remember trying to patch before and didnt work then i forgot all about it. i wanna play HOTS now...
HELP TECH SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi kipps, can you try these steps, and let us know how it goes?
Monday - Friday, 8 am - 5 pm PST
i kinda lost my WOL cd... anyway to get it?
i tried i think its already HOTS download?
thanks for removing the link velnrak </3 it is march 24 2013 and i cant play my starcraft i've updated my ios on my mac, have restarted, full shutdown, and am still getting this message "an internal error occurred please restart. If problems persist contact customer support" PLEASE HELP! :/
TwoGodly, can you try this link?

I didn't realize you're on a Mac. If you need more help, our Mac specialists in the Mac Technical Support forum are eager to assist.
i uninstalled sc2 wol, i tried to install again.... trojan virus detected and i tried openning.... unable to access specified path......???? wth... it worked the first time!?
My brother is having the same issue it sucks, Kipps what kind of computer are you running on I am on an HP, so is my brother, but the one on the ASUS can't install starcraft 2 anymore so I dragged him the files via homegroup and it is aying "Internal error has occurred please restart."
Thanks, it resolved the problem.

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