HOTS randomly crashing my whole computer

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Ok, I have a Q6600, 3.2ghz, 4 gigs of ddr2 ram, GTX 660 TI, Windows 7 64 and SC2 is installed on a solid state hard drive... The game seems to randomly crash my entire computer after playing for a bit...

For the record I also have over 150 mods installed on Skyrim and can play that game for hours very stable... Yet SC2 is causing my system to completely lock up.

Oh and random fatal error desk top crashes in the middle of ranked qualifying games...
I'm having the same problem. I get a !@#$ed up sound then either my whole comp freezes, or it SC2 crashes then other programs crash one at a time. No error given.

Win 7, AMD Phenom II X4 965 processor.
nVidia 250 GPU
SSD main HD with SC2 installed on a regular HDD.

Computer's fine with everything else. It was fine for the beta, too. Amazing that the same bugs from the beta are present on release, + a new critical one. I never should have bought HotS. I knew better than to trust Blizz...
Indeed, my partner randomly crashed right in the middle of the game.
And 2 crashes 10 minutes apart. SC2 is now unplayable for me. GJ Blizzfail.
I'm getting random crashes as well, and when the crash happens i get a screeching sound out of my audio, and programs are unable to run and crash immediately till i restart. After restart everything is fine and SC2 plays fine, and i've had the crash happen during the campaign a few times and just playing against AI.
So Blizzard how about a response?
I updated my motherboard and GPU drivers. Still crashing. Crashes both in campaign and matchmaking. Haven't crashed or had any problems since I stopped playing it, either.
Yup, as I said either my entire computer locks up or the game fatal errors and kicks me, this happens frequently... I can rarely play the game for over an hour without one of the two happening.
Was able to play wings of liberty fine on medium settings for with HOTS my computer crashes in menus alllll the time, and even on the lowest settings! At first it only happened every once in a while, but now it completely shuts off my comp before i can even get into a match. Love the game but its now completely unplayable for me, 40 bucks down the drain.
Running into the same issue, random fatal error crashing during a match (which is super frustrating playing multiplayer)

I heard that it may actually have to do with nVidia's latest drivers causing something to !@#$ up with SC2 specifically
Have you checked if it's a heat problem? Might want to get a heat monitor so you aren't frying your computer.
I have used heat monitors, the temperature of my system is not the issue.
I play many non-Blizz games, some of which max my system resources. Heat is not a problem. Furthermore, it can crash while sitting in menus which is less intensive than in-game. Furthermore, we're getting all these people experiencing the same symptoms, only in HotS. I'm going to see if I can use some older drivers for my GPU, as per CosmicJC's comment.
EDIT: I was wrong, the problem isn't fixed by reverting the video card drivers back one year. I was just lucky not to crash during the 40 minutes or so I played and the crashing problem doesn't seem to extend to sitting around in game menus.
I'm running my GPU at 86 degrees Celsius or so on this game (not the highest it's been, GTX460 SSC, rated for 105~) with SLI turned off, and after so many minutes, the two monitor's plugged into my first GPU shut down. The other monitors still have picture but the PC locks up, obviously unplayable.

Win Vista x64 ultimate
2500k @ 4.7GHZ
umm okay so im having the same exact issues except i dont have an nvidia card... so getting there old drivers wont be a solution for me.. anyone else have an amd card and experiencing the crashes?
Nevermind, I was wrong. When it crashed for me before, I think I was in the campaign menus (not in a game) but leaving the game on today while I watched MLG, it was in the general game menus. Upon playing a 1v1 after MLGs finished for the night, I crashed again. SO, reverting the video card drivers did NOT solve the problem.

Makes sense since the graphics, at no time, flicker or degrade and graphics driver or card failures should not cause programs like skype to close.

My motherboard is an Asus M5A97 card. What about the rest you?
mines a msi 970A-G43. i also just talked to my roommate about it and he said he had this issue when WoL first came out. he doesnt know what fixed it but it just stopped crashing eventually. so it could actually be the game or random drivers that just need newer updates. so we may just have to wait it out.
So, no solutions to this? Blizz, care to offer some words of support?
Well, I reformatted my SSD, got all new drivers, and reinstalled SC2. Guess what. It still crashes. FFS Blizzard...

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