Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XII

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I smile as a flash of light goes off in Dante's face and I kick at his abdomen.
IC: the light blinds me but out of luck i stumble in the oposite direction of her kick. i sweep my leg under her and trip her before delivering an elbow at her stomach as she goes down
"Very well then. Check with... nevermind. Just head into the sim room and duck if you have any questions. Couple of hybrids dueling in there."
The protoss walked off, getting back to orienting the systems on his ship, in the event of combat.
I cringe slightly landing on my tail. Dante's elbow hits a block of earth as my foot comes to the side of his head. I roll to my feet as the block of earth dissipates.
"Nice, a little bit of overkill, but I see what you mean..."

Is said sim one for the entire 'class'?

I chuckle. "I don't know, least that way he knows the thing won't be getting up." I glance at the notification, seeing who it was. "Shade and Raven just started a sim too, looks like infiltration and team work."
IC: the foot hits me in the temple dazing me. "it appears you have a few tricks up your sleeve. so i won't hold back either" i say before launching a mental attack
So what happens now?
I shrug;
"Huh, you want to join in?"
I ask, not really caring either way.

Hearing the message go out, I almost sigh in relief;
...finally, something to do...
I think to myself, quickly heading for the sim room.
I block the mental attack as even though I wasn't psionic I knew how to defend myself against them. Another blast of light goes off in Dantes face before I bring my fist into his gut several times.
Shade was sneaking behind a container as a few tendrils with eyes on them slowly phased from the walls. Keeping tabs on any patrols as Raven climbed on the ceiling carefully... Practice had been hard and he was clinging onto it with his suit. Trying to get to the ventilation shaft.
So what happens now?

You wait until SF and CR approve you.

IC: I shrug, watching the pair move. "Let's wait for a bit first. Mind pulling up Flint's and Zack's match on yours?"
i grab her fist before turning around and flipping her over me body. as she landed i keep holding that one arm and wrap both legs around it so they rested on her shoulder. one yank and i could dislocate her arm
"No problem."
I say, pulling up their fight on my PDA.

Fighting with a headache here, going to be a bit infrequent.
Getting the idea that his ship could not be optimized without any experiences on the planet. He walked down to the training area, starting a simulation with a zergling, hydralisk, and baneling.
OOC: Beowulf, more likely then not, they are trying to balance your character. Prove me if I am wrong, but they have some algebra for these sort of things.
OOC2: *edit* Sorry for confusion Morph, editing posts. Trying to get a mental layout of the facility. Was there ever a map drawn? Thanks for baring with me as I go wacky.
I elbow Dante in the crotch and pry him off. I side kick him in the gut.

OOC: Cap who the heck are you talking to? there are three groups of two spread across the training room ... only one has a new student ... oh and one that is in a closed room fighting bots ... also Dante and Serenity are also in a closed room ... if I remember correctly ...
I look over at it, watching Zack tear through the Zerg with ease. "He's got a certain grace about him..." I shake my head. The psi blade and Void blade were a lethal mix, like Ghoster and my great sword, only his could allow unorthodox styles of fighting.
As the Templar entered the room, he draws his gun in his left, ignites the warp blade in the same, and uses his right hand to generate a small ball of twilight.
OOC: *edit* Sorry for confusion Morph, editing posts.
The tendrils then wrapped quickly around the patrol, choking them out as they all passed out. The tendrils throwing them under the flooring as there was a gap. Out of sight of anyone else.
Raven made it too the ventilation shaft and got in. The Hydralisk Aspect taking over as his body changed. Moving quickly and silently.
Shade moving fast down the hallway while on light steps, keeping an eye out with other tendrils being her eyes and ears.

The k in Zack's name is not a typo. It is the way I spelled it. His name is Zack. It is not short for anything.
IC: i hold on tight "you have no idea how many people have tried that on me. but i think we should stop for today, this is starting to escalate" i say before letting go. "imma head to the medbay to get some bandages i'll see you around"

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