Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XII

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{Hmm, what is it?} Korzis answered, his voice was groggy for he had just awoken. He had barely even reached his comm unit.
{Ah, Korzis. Good to see you're awake. Where's your sister?} Zack had managed to reach the Cafeteria and was resting outside the door. The leg was in the final healing stages, but still hurt like a b!tch.
{Probably asleep. And who the hell are you?} Korzis lets out a nice big yawn.
{Zack Tren, Hybrid and Ghost.} Done healing, he resumes his normal pace, as if nothing had happened, looking for the right room. If he was lucky he'd run into a student.
I nod and get my jumpsuit, heading for the shower. "I...I know...I just..." I keep walking, unable to finish the thought.

I slip out of bed, moving between Terance and the bathroom door;
"Just what? Don't want to let me see any it? Have it remind me of my past?"
I say, hands on my hips.
I shake my head, sadness in my voice. "Remind me of mine."
My stance softens and I look him eyes;
"Alright, you've heard my story, what's yours?"
I ask.
"Yeah ..." I turn to Sam and place my arms around his neck again smiling. "If we're not careful we might get a repeat of last night going in here." I kiss Sam as I pull him under the water to rinse off.
{Why are you here?} Korzis asked while he stretched.

The boy looks at the robot and smiles. "Hybrids. Capture as many as you can. Kill them if you cannot. All shall be brought back to us. Though there are two that must be captured alive, if you want a bonus, if you kill them, you will lose much. If you do not do neither, it will not be effected."
"You've heard part of it. Rosa. The rest, before she got to me, is...painful, literally, psychologically, and emotionally." I go back and sit on the bed, taking a moment to mess with something on my arm before peeling off a fake layer of skin, all the way down my arm, revealing a long jagged scar. "She decided to carve into me when we first met, giving me this. She could have killed me, and would have, if I hadn't gotten my arm free. We spent two years fighting, and each time I got a little more added to this arm." Replacing the fake skin, I sigh. "We fought like when we first met before she vanished. She gave me the last two inches to my wrist that night. After words, well, you know the rest."

{Your mother and I discussed me teaching your sister how to control her new abilities. It's dangerous for her to not know how.} Not finding anyone, or the right room, Zack headed back towards the hangar. Might as well fix what he could.
My eyes filled with sorrow and concern, I step over to Terance and hold his head to my chest. Reaching out to his mind with my own, I wrap his psyche in a mental blanket of healing love and caring protection.
I wrap my arms around Alicia, just sitting there. I'd ignored the scar on my side until I could get some skin to cover it. The one on my arm had been forgotten, buried in the past along with Rosa and everything else bad. it was back, and raw. Sitting back, I remove the skin, throwing it in the trash. I then pull Alicia close and kiss her. Pulling back, I look her in the eyes, my eyes misty, but full of determination. "No more running. I can't hide from what happened forever." I kiss her again. "You helped me realize that."
"Damn straight. Glad to be of help..."
I murmur with a smile, passionately kissing Terance back.
Standing up, I head for the shower again, after kissing Alicia's neck. "Coming?"
CR: you probably answered this and I just didn't realise it but is Serenity accepted? also you can just note stuff to me in the mornings and I'll post it for ya till you get you account back ...
I follow close behind, a familiar twinkle in my eyes;
"What do you think?..." Been considering this for a crazy break down scene, but none of my characters fit it...

IC: I grin devilishly and let her in first. "I'll take that as a yes." Closing the door, I start the water and climb in, grabbing the shampoo.
{Well, all I can tell you is that it is probably best to not disturb her while she sleeps.}
Sorta fits Stefan, but not quite...


sooo many shower scenes... XD

Stepping in with a chuckle, I quickly clean myself off, eager to be on with the new day.
Zack chuckles over the COM. {I gathered. I'll work on my Wraith until she wakes up, see if I can fix the damage it took.} He looks at Terance's ship and feels his presence and one other, a female. "You dog, you." Shaking his head and smiling, he gets out his tools and starts work.

I chuckle as I rinse off the shampoo and body wash. "Someone's eager today."

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