Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XII

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The bots beeped that they were ready again, and I finish wiping the sweat off. I take a drink of water, and look back at the bots. I hang the towel up, and step back into the ring. As I step into the ring, the bots lung at me, and I trip one of the bots, causing him to trip the others in their aggression. I take a step off to the side while they pick themselves up. I let them surround me again before I take a stance, ready to fight them.
Cap ... that was me and darkra sparring ... CR's chars are in a Sim ...

"OK." I say panting. Hmm that was kind of fun. I look at the other facilities the training room had to offer and note several other students doing various things throughout the room.
IC: as the door to the medbay opened i see Cynthia there. "what happened?" i ask obvious concern on my face
In the simulation, Shear unfroze the zergling, and took its head in his right hand, severing the neural connections to its brain, forcing it to die nigh-instantaneously. Exhausting, but it should work.
OOc: Yeah, Got it into my head that Dante or Serenity was run by Crymson, and now I am the idiot. :( But all is not lost, I am editing as I speak. (Or type)
Edit: you did say you where in a training room. I keep thinking of my dojo, hearing sparring rooms. Basic idea: You had a section squared off by a black belt, then you started.
I had just run right into Dante as he opened the door. The blood was cleaned up as I tried to pass through. "Nothing happened... Zack wouldn't let me stop so he pressed onward and wouldn't let me go... But I'm going to be leaving for a business trip tomorrow. Just to let you know. "I say."
Was there ever a map drawn?

nope just read the end of first post for the lay out more or less ... sections are connected by long corridors if I remember correctly and is a single floor except for hangar, ecosystems and hive
no we mean actual enclosed rooms ... though there is open area that can be used for sparring or other training ... such as what Tari and Sam are doing also there are firing ranges in the training room ... really should be called a hall not a room but that is just my opinion.
IC: "you have that look in your eye.... like the day we first met...." i say but not moving. "something is going on, i can tell"
Next, he took on the baneling, as the creature leap for him, he extended the twilight, forcing the creature to crash through brittle shadows, popping most of the acid sacs, and moaking more noise than should be accounted for.

OOc: Hope Im not too noobish right now. Been a time since I roleplayed.
It isn't ecosystems/hive. We've said this. It's the Ecosystem, and the hive is contained by the Academy. If it wasn't, it would overrun the ecosystem.
zark nom .... its just ... sigh nevermind ...

Our combo works sort of at least. It would take quite a bit of practice before it would be useful in the field. Sighing I turn to look at the new student I could sense in the training room. "Hmm never seen anyone like her." I spend a few minutes watching her.
I look over at it, watching Zack tear through the Zerg with ease. "He's got a certain grace about him..." I shake my head. The psi blade and Void blade were a lethal mix, like Ghoster and my great sword, only his could allow unorthodox styles of fighting.

I nod, impressed;
I murmur, leaning my head against his shoulder.
"Dante... it's not that it's like that at all... Come to my room so we can talk more about it. Right out here isn't the safest." I say, looking around.
IC: "sure" i say before walking beside Cynthia. "say.... did that book of yours mention any side effects from the potion?" i ask
I watch Shade and Raven go through their sim while watching Flint and Zack fight. The four of them...hell, that was certainly different. "Alicia, if we were to ever end up on any of these guys' hit list, who would you rather it be?"
"No... No side effects that I know of." Pausing to recollect my senses. "What's wrong?" I ask while we walk down the hallways.
IC: "i am alive.... but i don't feel alive..... its like when i was cured part of me died anyways.... its like a piece of me is missing" i say
"Dante... That happens at times and why do you still feel like you are dead? What is missing from your life that you are thinking of right now?" I ask.
IC: "nothing...... the only thing i'm missing..... ironically...... is Jack"
"Really? Why would you say that? Last time I checked the facts remained that Jack was an annoying !@#$%... the female one that is." I say, reaching my room as I usher us inside. Locking the door.
IC: "its weird i know. You can say it all you like how much you hate each other but at the same time its like i got comfort when she would criticize everything i did or make snotty remarks at me" i say smiling. "i guess i am insane"

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