Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XII

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OOC: Well... not a noob, no confirmation otherwise.
Ic: As the Hydralisk unfroze in time with his command, Shear blocked its first spike, then splintered the next with a small twilight field. He then stabbed it through the tail with his blade, then shot it for good measure.
IC: "same here" Sam says as he pus his arm around Tari. "This should freak me out but at this place there is no such thing as normal"
I look at Dante, worried in a way before I smiled and grabbed his hands. Nudging him onto the bed as I kissed him. "Don't worry, I'm equally as insane then if I love you and I can fill that niche for you."
IC: i give a grin "then i guess we're both just insane psychopaths" i say before wrapping my arms around her waist and pulling her closer. i kiss her deeply, returning the passion.
"Yeah." I lean my head against Sam. "Think we should go say hi?"

I nod to the two that looked like they were either mated or very close siblings. I slowly walk towards them looking around at the various bots, ranges and other training apparatuses scattered about the room.
IC: "sure, may as well say hi" Sam says while looking at serenity "She smells a bit like a wolf"
Zerak walked through the halls and saw a Zergling. His cannon turned and the Khaydarin crystal glows bright. But slowly it powers down from him realizing the Zergling was harmless, and had something detectable he had never seen before for a Zerg, fear. Fear of dying.

A beeping sound is heard in Cynthia's room and a bright red light flashes. A second after that a laser pointer is aimed at Dante's head. Nothing was connected to it. Just a laser pointer. Or was a nuke detonator? No, no, that would be paranoia. Or would it? No, it's just messing with your head.
OOc: *Gets out popcorn* Stuff going down.
I giggle as I was brought closer, holding on to his chest as I snuggling up to him. My fingers tracing his chest. "Come on... we both know you want to."

OOC: I am officially bored. XD
OOC: Well, i mean, your lover is going to try to kill your other lover. I wouldn't be. Or we could start a mission. Assuming I can predict the impossible.
IC: "ddduuuuhhhhhh.........." i say totally losing my speech........

OOC: i can tell XD
"Don't duh me!" I say joking as I tug onto him again, that's when I saw the red light on Dante's head. "Dante... There's a red dot on your head..."
"Well of course she does if her appearance alone is anything to go by." I smile at her and lightly elbow Sam in the gut.

I smile back at the female as I come to a stop. I heard their conversation but didn't listen to it because I was unsure if they meant it to be 'private' or not. "Hello I'm Serenity."
IC: "uuuuhhh by any chance did you instal a turret in your room?" i ask staying completely still

OOC: might have to call it a night..... CR i can't believe i'm saying this but do what you will XD
IC: "I'm Sam Wolfe nice to meet you" Sam says to serenity
IC: Shear closes the simulation, saving it to an I.D. stick, and walks over to the group.
"Don't believe we have met. Sorry, I am a new student. Your dodges are impressive."
OOC: Was talking about the three in the common training hall. I am going to ocd the heck out of you guys, making me draw maps for my mental safety.
ok, have i been approved?
OOC: These things take time Beo, but now there are two mods on. One may take some time from cheating on each other and look it over very soon. That said, I don't think there are Hybrid vehicles.
CR i can't believe i'm saying this but do what you will XD
Worse mistake you could have made. XD

IC: My skin crawling with anticipation as I ignored the light once and for all. Almost diving on top of Dante as we kissed passionately.

OOC: Time for some more evil plottage in the future. /evilplotting

IC: Tearing his suit off as I was too lazy to take it off by hand or wait for him... I was bored and alone and we just made each other happy when we were next together.

OOC: Beowulf... Calm down, we are looking it over and it's not that simple. I actually lost the page and I'll be going to bed anyway soon. XD
"I'm Tari Onaka it is nice to meet you." I held my tongue about asking Serenity what she is.

"It is nice to meet you as well. This is perhaps inappropriate but you two are mated correct?" I was still learning Terran customs and what not but I was hoping a setting such as this would help me to learn faster.

OOC: erm ... caprindo ... did you just say something about Serenity's shifting abilities? when she hasn't changed form AT ALL!

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