Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XII

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Cap I'm currently having computer problems and currently no ... these last 2 post sent from my phone ... I'll try to bring you in with next ic if comp will work ...
EDIT: yay computer working again ... also ... not sure why you brought up dodging Cap but ... meh ...

"Yeah it is fine you didn't know and now you do." My face was a bit slower to start fading back to its normal hue.

"OK." The Nerazim comes over and says something about being new and dodging. "I'm new also ... what is it you are talking about with dodging?"
I sigh, remembering Omega Quadrant. "For how long? Once we leave this place, we all go back to who we were before. Well, except for the couples, but...who's not to say some of these people won't hold a grudge? Over even something like bumping into each other in the hall."

I shrug;
"Somehow I doubt anyone will leave this place unchanged... As for grudges, we'll deal with that when we get to it."
When you where sparring with that Dante person or whatever. You were able to dodge and attack at the same time. Some will never master that, others will simply do one or the other."
Shear nods while he is saying this, recollecting that this is one thing that he always had trouble mastering.
OOC: The tail bounce, etc. Even in IRL, dodging and attacking is a balance of momentum and power.
I shake my head, remembering Captain Riso's face as he turned his rifle on me. "I hope so...things like that have a way of catching up to me..."
I arch an eyebrow;
"Oh? I know that look, what is it this time?"
I ask.
I shake my head, putting the memory back in my subconscious. "Nothing serious. Something from my Merc days. Nothing worth dwelling on."
"Ummm... Better be..."
I murmur, leaning up against him.
I kiss her and continue watching the two sims. That was sometimes ago...not to mention I'm not usually this paranoid... The thought process continues as the sims run their course.
Leaning up against Terance, I take a deep breath and close my eyes, simply enjoying his company.

Unless somebody else hops on, I'm going to say that this is a night.
Well, Morph, assuming his comp will work, is going to have his new person notice us.
OOC: I am going to bed now. Been good roleplaying. Shear has walked back to his dorm for all intents and purposes.
Zack sets off several psi-traps as he continues his onslaught. Many were just basic damage but a few were snares and plagues, one was a mix of a psi-storm and a feedback.

I grunt as the spines impale my body. In a quick moment the spines are launched back out in all directions around me. As the spines fly I here the sounds of the hive queen approaching. Looking up I see her coming from the left flank and I quickly modify the cannon to cause a implosion with the next shot. I target the hive queen and fire the shot strait into the center of her mass knocking her back followed by an implosion.
The majority of the traps fail to hit me with as fast as I was moving, and the ones that did had little effect thanks to the Void shield I'd made around me. Flipping over a Hydralisk, I come down, cleaving it in two and then throwing three Void stars in Flint's direction, each one locking onto him.
I quickly raise my psi-shield to deflect the Void stars into a nearby roach. I charge the cannon again this time with more power behind the shot. I fire it towards Zack making a massive maelstrom that is unavoidable.

Zerglings were being flung all around, several feet into the air, or smashed into other zerg Zack or myself.
I blink as the round comes my way, around behind Flint, standing there as there's a momentary silence in the battle. "This is where we bring things to a close. You ready?"
"Of course...." I close my eyes for a few seconds focusing on the khaydarin crystal in my armor drawing on the energy that it stored. I the next few moments everything felt like it was moving slower, even myself. I start unleashing several psi-blasts and a few Void pulses as well.
I blink and roll out of their paths, not counter attacking in any way. By now the blood lust had settled and now the warrior inside me that was the Protoss part of me had taken over, looking for an opening. Spotting it, I blink forward, slicing Flint through his midriff and sliding to a stop behind him, my Void blade held out to my right as it had been what I had slashed with.
I feel the blade passing through and quickly morph to allow it to pass with out harming me. I turn and stab with the psi-blades into Zack's back over charging them with a small psionic energy. One hand quickly turns into a blade and runs through right below the left psi-blade.
I wince, holding back the gasp that wanted to escape and grin as my vertebrae turn into spikes that pierce Flint from the crotch to the head. "Well *cough* *cough* played. But not well enough."
I grimace as the spike pierce my body and cough up some blood. "Clever...." I let loose a psionic pulse through the spines right into his body before backing off.

I feel the wounds healing slowly as the hydralisk venom from earlier begins to take its effect. It wouldn't harm me as much as it would a none part zerg but it still did limit my regeneration some.

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