Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XII

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Snow gave an audible laugh from her personality program. "Nonsense, he wouldn't beat you to a pulp... He might make you explode into a million tiny pieces or blow your skull open from a rifle round."
IC: i give a chuckle "if its a hitman war he wants...... i'll give him one. But i doubt he'll go into extremes such as that. You've already reported this haven't you"
"Hmm... No. I serve my mistress... Cynthia. It was the other AI that I disabled but now I'm going to reactivate him because Zaros will know anyway if he hasn't heard from the AI or if the AI tells him..." Snow says in a reassuring tone.
Cayl sat in the command room, reconfirming everything before calling Shade. {{Psi emitters en route now. Already talked to Terance, he's good with being bait, though Alicia got a little heated about not being allowed to help. All I need is to brief them and set up the teams.}}
IC: "then do me a favour. as long as she is in her room make sure nothing bad happens to her. I have a feeling things are gonna get ugly. When she wakes up don't tell her about your assumptions. Don't need her knowing Zaros is going to be after me"
{{That sounds perfectly fine with briefing them before you set up the teams... After all you need to figure out who's strengths would be best suited where.}} Shade replies through the private comm as she was still in the simulation, torturing the man. {{Also... Is Cynthia going Zerg or is Korzis going Zerg? Landing Zone that is. And Alicia can deal with it... Also, just go ahead and take them via Ship. After all I just found a problem with the Network and I'll deal with that after this simulation.}}


Snow gave a visible sigh. "You don't understand do you? She already knows the consequence but she didn't care. She was becoming frigidity so she made her move... Zaros already threatened Terrance when the two of them were still together."
{{With the Rift network? I believe the sims, but not the Network. But back on topic, I'm thinking those two work best together, though I'm gonna put Cynthia on Tal'Darim. I need her to infiltrate their Nexus and see what they're doing there in the first place.}}
IC: "reckless girl." i say getting up and walking to the door "take care Snow"
"No... She is not just reckless but she's wanting to break out of her shell... And don't tell me to take care, it's your life on the line." She says before disappearing.


{{No... The new Network I created from establishing the Relay System on the moon with the Rift Network and Simulation Network together. And that could be interesting for Cynthia to do... Get some control over her surroundings... Back on the former, I'm thinking about just investing in an old ship... Real classy Battle Cruiser and make it my own. Establish the stuff we need on it and Warp over our objectives and drop down identical copies of the students for each mission.}} Shade says, punching the solider in the jaw as to get him to speak. He wasn't falling for it.
IC: "my life huh" i say cracking my knuckles. "been there and done that" i growl before walking out.
{{Doubt they'll want the network if we have that kind of support in orbit, but it's up to you and them. You busy, or can you send out a message for all the students and Cynthia and Korzis to report to the command room?}}
{{They'll still want the network... maybe the principle behind it so they don't have to risk their lives in some stupid battle... no offense but it's a work in progress. And this ship wont be armed for frontline combat and or support... Maybe support but we can't just fire from orbit whenever we want... it could cause more problems but we'll come to terms with that on a later date... Yes I'm busy, in fact I'm in the simulation so you are in charge of this mission... Make sure they live.}}
{{They'll make it back alive, but I can't be everywhere at once, so team work will be important.}}
{{Cayl, I just found out where we can find our ship... Do you remember all the various rebel groups during the Great War? Well I remember this one ship, colonists turned rebels with the help of... rebels. Serenity I think the ship is called. It crashed into a jungle like planet years ago before the Great War climaxed... It'll take some time to restore the ship and to get it back to flying conditions... But! With Flint's help and the mechanics we should get her space worthy.}}
{{I'll leave that to you. I've a mission to debrief out students on.}} On all the students PDAs and Cynthia's and Korzis' a message pops up telling them to report to the command room.
{{I love some of the older ships... more homey to me and just as easy to modify... I'll leave you to your devices.}} The comm link was closed as the simulation ran its course.


I couldn't hear the PDA, completely tired from the events until Snow woke me up with a shock. Some of my hair sticking up and I was about to yell at her when I saw the message.
I don't hear a PDA go off in my room, mostly due to the fact that I do not own one. Instead, my suit beeps at me and displays the message. I get up, stretching, and I make my way toward the Command Room, wondering what they would need us for.

My PDA beeps at me while I am ripping the leg off of one of the bots. My tail picks it up, and I read it as I yank the leg off. I smash the leg into the head of another bot, and leave the ring. I wipe the sweat off, get some water, and head to the Command Room.
"Hmm interesting. Might I ask your names?" I ask before my PDA beeps and I look at the message. "Where is this 'Command Room'?"

My com link beeps and a message appears ordering everyone to the command room. "Hmm wonder what is up."
@Morph, it would get really awkward if Serenity smells the... love on Cynthia.

IC: I scrambled to get the stuff I needed as I unlock the armor chest under the bed. Pulling out my environmental suit that was modified. There was only one thing that I did not like about them though... they were tight fitting and it squeezed everything around me in an uncomfortable way... We had managed to make it more comfortable though. Next I grabbed the Tomahawk, Crossbow, and Bow and ran out the room with PDA as well. A mask that covered my mouth but not my eyes was on my face as well. Rich symbols were printed onto it.
The message interrupts y viewing and I sigh, Alicia and I standing up. "Names later. Follow us and we'll take you to the command room." I grin at Alicia. "Sounds like we got a mission."

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