Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XII

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Tossing my head to get wet hair out of my face, I grin;
"And why not?... Unless you had something else planed for before breakfast, that is..."
I chuckle and pull her close, one hand caressing her while the other holds her, me kissing her passionately. Pulling back, I grin. "We have time."
Our stomachs growl in unison and I roll my eyes;
"On second thought, it seems we have a date with the cafetaria..."
I chuckle and turn off the water, stepping out and start drying off. "Be honest with me, what did you think of the dress?"
Following suit, I shrug;
"My dressaphobia aside, it looked nice, fit well and came off without any problems..."
I say with a wicked look.
I grin evilly and kiss her. "Glad to hear it." Finishing, I get my jumpsuit on and head for the armor closet. "Too bad we can't relax like that more often. It was nice."
Pulling my own jumpsuit on and zipping it up, I nod;
"Agreed, though I could tell Stef's getting restless.."
I shake my head, thinking back on what he'd shared with me one day in the training room after the mission. "I'm a man of war, engineered to be that way." I shook my head and sighed. "Not his fault the Dominion turned him into a walking dead man of sorts."
"Yeah... in the combat vids of him that I've seen, he's totally selfless... I've seen him take rockets, sniper rounds, grenades.. all meant for other people... If there's ever been someone who truly wants to die in battle, it's him. His ideals are just about all he has left."
I say quietly.
"He'll make due." I walk over, still needing to put on my chest piece, and hold her close. "He's a strong man. He'll find a way around what's been done to him. It's things like what happened to Stefan that Zack aims to prevent..." I shake my head, sighing. "He'll be alright."
"I just worry about him 50 to 100 years down the line... Given the amount of zerg DNA that body of his has, he'll technically live forever."
I say, armoring up.
I chuckle, shaking my head. "Maybe an extended period, but not forever." I shake my head, figuring out the best way to say it. "Zack....he...he wouldn't allow it, not if he knew the person didn't want it."
I chuckle;
"Kill Stef? I don't think it would ever come to that. As long as the universe keeps producing evil scum that need their asses kicked, Stef'll be there, ready to serve up a nice fresh knuckle sandwich."
"Right..." I shake my head and head for the ramp, lowering it and hearing the familiar sound of a fusion welder working. I take a step back, confusion on my face and in my voice. "Already? But...."
I begin my normal morning routine deciding to skip the cafeteria and eat some food that I brought with me from home. Being forced to attend that party wasn't what I had planed last night but there were just something unavoidable.
As I eat I begin to go over more tombs on my desk. I glance over towards Stefan's bunk and notice he was still there. Odd as he was normally up by now and already gone from the room. Shrugging I return to my tomb reading in detail a few skills that other clerics had come to discover.

I exit my ship after sleeping the night off. I see a man with a wraith that he was repairing and laugh to myself slightly as he passes over a major, but hard to find piece that was missing in the wing assembly. "Might want to go over your left wing assembly again. You missed the fusion coupling to the laser battery." I call out to the man.

In my office I sit before my work bench with three more of the devices that I had made.
Zack glances at the wing then at the woman. After a moment of thinking, he recognizes her as Jessica, one of Flint's friends. "I'm aware. Thanks though." He resumes repairing the rather large hole in the lower most wing.
"Just letting you know would hate to see a beautiful machine like that get destroyed." I say shrugging before looking over my ship for a minute before grumbling about a few plates missing and head back onto my ship to gather the parts and tools I need to fix it.
Zack shrugs. He already had the part in the tool box. Hell, he even knew how it had come off. Guess the prototype wing blades still needed tweaking. If he could get them right though, he could ram smaller ships into oblivion and make holes in larger ships to allow him a landing place. "Like I said, thanks."

OOC: War, I'd figure Alicia would recognize Zack's voice.
After gathering the parts and tools I needed I exit my ship through a hatch on the top so I could get to replacing the plating that was damaged or missing. As I was working one of the tools I needed slip and fell to the floor with a loud dull thump. I mutter a few curses as I telekinetically pull it back to my hand.
Zack keeps working, applying the last couple plates and moving on to replace the fusion coupling. Once done with that, he climbed roughly to the back of the Wraith's main cockpit and started tinkering with the Wing Blade assembly.

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