Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XII

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IC: Sam lets out a small gental laugh before pulling Tari closer to him as the water pours over them. "Food does sound good and don't worry darling" He says before kissing her.
Should I tell her that the serum makes me temporly sterile
Zack finds a room that wasn't in use, most likely due to the fact that many of the students preferred their ships, and takes a meditative position, letting his mind enter the Void and simply wander, the star that was his body always visible.
I return the kiss before pulling back. "OK." I reach over and turn off the water. "We should finish getting ready." I say leading Sam out of the shower.
IC: As they leave the bathroom Sam drys off and grabs a plain T-shirt, black cargos and his combat boots to change into. "So what are you in the mood for?" He asks while he gets dressed
I dry off and put on a flattering T-shirt, jeans, my usual combat boots and the necklace that Sam had given me. "You choose because I need to go see Cynthia." I pull out the bottle that Cynthia had given me while she had been drunk and kissing Sam briefly I head off for Cynthia's room.
IC: Sam grabs his Visor and PDA as he heads to a cafe to grab some food
After a good walk I arrive at Cynthia's room and knock at the door.

I awoke almost screaming from a nightmare, cold sweat dripping from my face as I saw bits of black energy leaking into the air around me. Seeing things in darkness as they came towards me and tore me asunder. A tightening presence enclosing around my psyche. I also felt as if I was touching through somewhere else... Not the Khalai but it too was empty and void of life... That's when I heard a knock at the door. Reaching over for it I put in the code and opened it. My face was pale.


The contraption was walking across the desert planet and a Zergling came running up to it... A foot crushed it under it's boot heel.

The door opens and I see a pale faced Cynthia. "Are you alright?"
IC: i was panting. electricity crackled through me fingers as sweat beaded down my face. The training bots around me destroyed, decimated. "its still not fast enough" i growl before the energy fades. "it will be, it will be"
I was about to say hello and that I was fine until my eyes began to flash back and forth between the visions and nightmares to the real world. I almost disorient myself as I tumble over but I catch myself on the door. "Yeah... I'm okay... I'm just seeing things and I had a bad nightmare." I was lying and it might have been something going on with the void connection I was gaining or worse... Or both.

I frown slightly feeling that something was wrong. "Are you sure? Oh and here is this. If you ask me it shouldn't even exist." I say remembering the bottle and handing it to her.
IC: i decided to go check on Cynthia. picking up my COM i send a message to her {{hey Cynthia where are you?}}
I heard the message from Dante... I didn't want him to worry so I just said the simple words, {{I'm doing something for mother, so you are going to have to wait until later.}} I gave a disgusted sigh to myself before pocketing the potion. "I'm not going to agree or disagree." I say. Looking outside before pulling Tari in, almost collapsing to the floor as the door closed. "Dante is coming this way and I just want to be left alone... If I tell him the truth on why I want to be left alone he wont believe me. Something is happening and I don't know what. Please when you leave don't tell him where I'm at."

"Of course Cynthia." I give her a hug just to try and lift her spirits. "OK well I guess I should leave then I'll see you later." I say before leaving making sure the door was closed behind me before heading for the cafeteria to meet with Sam.
IC: {{aight}} i say before closing the connection. "need to syphon something..... something with a lot of electricity"
I don't recall that ability being approved, Darkra. In fact, I don't recall you offering an explanation that made sense either.
I had been standing up, holding onto the side of the door as my eyes began to feel fuzzy and the light was dimming in my eyes. Patches of fuzz hazing my vision as a sunken feeling was drifting into my legs.


Shade had been up all night perfecting the new network she had created days ago... It needed testing and she managed to collect a few volunteers.
After a few tests they managed to conclude that is was 99% safe. The other 1%... They didn't know what happened to the person or where their conscious actually went. But they did know one thing... After the distance reaches far enough they would need to rely on another relay station but this new one was going to be installed into a ship of decent size and proportions of firepower as well.
Zack feels Cynthia slipping and curses, sending his mind to hers and pushing it back towards her body. Come on, little miss. Wake up and stay focused. I'll come to you soon as your mind's where it belongs.

Cayl knocks on Shade's door. "I have the final scans. Just gotta coordinate."
I was forced back into the world of the light. My grip tightening around the door as I guided myself back towards my bed. The sweat from my chest sticking to my night shirt and my sleeping pants were sticking to my legs. Uncomfortable at this moment but I had to focus on what's going on right now.


Shade heard the knocking and yelled, "Come in!" As the door opened, having been testing the network. "Okay, as in the scan of the planet with the Broodmother?"
IC: i decided to get to the cafe for some food, having to pass through the dorms as i went down. Didn't like elevators that much, afraid i'll make a wrong move, just tight cramped death boxes. i was passing through when i realized this was Cynthia's hallway. i shrugged, proceeding to the cafe.

OOC: ok seriously i have almost no explanation tied to lore, its just patches of ideas that do not fit together its so frustrating! its like on the tip of my tongue!

EDIT: wow ninja'd by like 2 seconds
Returning to his body, Zack stands and exits the room, blinking to Cynthia's presence in the Academy and knocking on the door to her room. "Cynthia, you alright?"

Cayl nods. "She's managed to create a new Ultralisk strain, it's called the Noxious strain. Kerrigan went for the Torresque strain, but this is just as lethal."

Edit-Door is closed.
Yes, Darkra. The door was closed so I'm going to ignore that one part.

IC: Zack could hear my hoarse voice from behind the door. "Just come in... I can feel you through it all and I know that you can blink..." I say.


"Interesting... Good thing the new network is working and they wont have to go in and risk their lives. We can send their simulations to do the dirty work without worry of death or permanent injury." Shade says. Calm with her resolve.
i edited the post. And wow incorporating the new lore already? but i thought that abathur was the only one that could alter strains to that degree?

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