Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XII

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This is PKA. No one follows the rules here.

IC: Zack sighs and blinks, appearing in a shadowed corner of the room and walking into view. "Fair enough. I take it you've had nightmares?"

Cayl sighs, shaking his head. "I say we let them choose. You know most of them would rather take that risk then risk losing their mind...well, so to speak."
Shade gave a sigh and then a chuckle. "Cayl, they should be fine! There is a 99% of success and it's a high chance of making it... Plus the 1% only affects the actual simulation clone. Meaning... Nothing will happen to the students because we can always shut down the simulation, remember?"


I gave a nod, gripping onto the bed as it began to tear the sheets. "Yes... More than that. It's making it stronger."
Zack approaches cautiously, already pushing against the Void as it tried to overtake Cynthia. "This is going to be difficult. You realize that, right?"

Cayl shakes his head. "And if turning off the simulation isn't enough?"
Shade shook her head and sat down at her desk, looking deeply at the data. "Okay... Cayl make sure they all come back alive. If they see one of your new friends... These new Ultralisks... Tell them to run and not to engage. Reengage when they disappear. Then split the students to take care of the Tal'darim as well... I don't want another Cynthia..." She made it sound exactly like that... No horrific injuries.


I gave a sniffle as I look up from my hands. "...Yes... It's been quiet and empty but now that emptiness is becoming worse. Drilling through my mind as his influence can grow more strongly. After all... The Void is his power. Not many people can stop it and mother is only but one of them because of father."
"The Void is not something even your 'Demon' should underestimate. For all his power, even he doesn't understand it as well as he'd like. I don't know near as much as some others, I simply understand the ways to manipulate it and control it." With one more concentrated push, Zack forces back the Void's influence, allowing Cynthia to breath easier, so to speak. Sighing, he creates a chair from the shadows and sits, appraising her. "How's that feel?"

"I won't take them all, it's why I said let them choose." He sighs, then snaps his fingers. "Zack. Will you need him?"
Shade then looked deeply into Cayl. "I know... But it might be safer to do that... And I didn't know that Zack was back... And that would mean that I would need the information that he found while over there." She was worried that hey might have found the virus if he was detected. "They could be finding the virus already if he was detected because he is here earlier than planned."


My mind gasping at the relief as the light headedness was away and I felt much more relieved. "Thank you... But why do you want to help me..."
"Because not understanding and knowing how to control what's happening to you is something that I'd rather you not go through."

"I don't know what you're talking about, but I recognized his Wraith from last time. If he's not busy, maybe he can redirect some of the Zerg against themselves."
Shade was thinking of a calculated plan. "I have a better idea... Zack would be better off serving his duties in here... It involves a certain agreement and a spying mission he did for us... Look, one group of students lure the Tal'darim into a trap, same thing with Zerg. Get them to fight each other as another team goes to take out the Broodmother."


"I see... I know I can't do it alone and I know that I can't tell Dante... He'll worry about me too much and he'll never leave me alone about it. This is something that I believe I could do alone... Or better yet someone who can actually help." I say, not aware of anything else pertaining to this.


The woman smiled in a kind way as they discovered a virus. "A virus! Lovely... we have backups at least but this could be problematic in a way... They will know of any projects and experiments done in here. Send a message through the computer and the virus will take it to them."

A man nods as he went to work.
Zack sighs and stands up, tossing Cynthia a new tomahawk, this one reinforced so as to prevent breaking. "Your father let slip that he'd like you to have one that wouldn't break, there you go." He turns and walks to the door. "Follow me. It's unsafe to do this here."

Cayl thinks for a moment, then curses at himself. "In order to lure in the Zerg, we'll need a powerful Psionic, or an emitter. Not like what was on Tarsonis, but still strong enough to attract them. Then we'll need someone the Tal'Darim hate to lure them in."
At the mention of break throughs, I look at her. "Like what? Pretty sure it's all been replicated one way or another."

"I.. I don't know exactly. That's something Stef never shared with anybody... Whenever some one would ask, he would always reply; 'The less you know, the better.' Given the kind of experiments that the Dominion used to do, he's probably right..."
I say as we head for the cafeteria.

Swinging through the cafeteria I grab a quick bite to eat, (an XXL breakfast burrito) and wander the the halls, humming to myself as I munch away.
I gave a quick look of grimace and I almost yelled out, "Wait!" I say. "Dante might be out there and I don't want him being nosy... He'll never leave me alone... I love him, he loves me but at times I want to be by myself or with others so I can think."... "And thanks."


Shade gave a quick laugh before standing up. "Tal'darim part is easy! Just send out Terance, I heard they hate him according to him. As for the Zerg... Cynthia and or Korzis could do it. Or even multiple ones together as they escape the area and let the distraction ensue... But an emitter should be easy."
I shake my head. "Lord knows what they do now. Valerian is a good kid, but...a lot of scientists were loyal to his father, not him."

Zack nods, taking Cynthia's hand and blinking them to a section of the ecosystem that he'd visited on his prior trip. "This outta do it."

"Emitter's also safer, sims or not. Then Terance...I don't know, I'll ask."
I was looking around, nervous that we would be doing something in here. "Aren't you afraid that something wrong could happen and break loose?" I ask. My distraught shown on my face.


"Yes, emitters are much, much safer. Question is, do we have one? And Terance wouldn't mind... Probably but then there's Alicia... She might go with him but we don't need multiple people for a distraction, after all... That would be too dangerous if they don't use the simulation and something could happen." Shade replies back.
"It's up to them, but I won't let Alicia go either way. Terance is a smart young man, especially if he's been dodging the Tal'Darim for this long."

Zack's mask retracts, revealing his fiery red hair and orange pupils, which glowed softly like a fireplace fire. "That's what I'm here for. If something happens, I know how to fix it. If something gets loose, I know how to kill it or send it back." He smiles kindly, showing his trust in her. "You have to give yourself some credit though. You held off the Void alone for a decent amount of time."
I say, a tingling sensation running up and down my arms and I shudder;
...the needles...
"...let's hope so..."
I pull her close as we walk. "Don't think about it, just focus on the here and now."
"Yes... So Cayl? Would you agree that Terance is our best candidate for luring in the Tal'darim? If so then lets give him the emitter and he can plant it while on the run." Shade says.


I just looked deeply into Zack's eyes... Even his sight warmed the soul and kept you safe it seemed. I couldn't keep from staring into them and at him personally. I then shook my head when he asked that question. "I'm sorry... I was distracted by... you..." I say, kinda embarrassed. "Uh... Yes... Living with it, it can play tricks on you I guess and maybe the only reason why I'm feeling the Void more than brother is because I've been under more influence? I am a prime target for it after all..."
"Yeah... it's just hard at times..."
I say quietly, my head against his shoulder as we enter the cafeteria.
I stroke her hair, kissing her forehead. "I know it is..."

Zack shrugs, activating the Psi blade. "I...tend to have that effect. Anyways, it's a possibility. But," the mask and helmet form again, "if you're going to control it, you've got to learn to feel it's flow." Taking a ready stance, he grins behind his mask. "Attack me."

Cayl nods, still thinking. "I'll talk to him, though maybe have someone else place the emitter and activate it by remote when he's out of harms way."
Giving Terance a hug, I nod and take a deep breath;
"Right... Food then."
I say as my stomach growls again, a little louder.

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