Pankoprulu Academy: Second Class XII

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I chuckle and head for my usual breakfast; sausage links, ham, eggs, hash browns, waffles and orange juice. Setting my food down, I go to help Alicia. "So I wonder when the next mission will be..."
"Cayl, what if we send in a small team... Like maybe two people to get to the trap location and set the emitter... Then they can regroup with the others as Terance does his job if he wants it."


I gave a nod as Zack was talking. "I see.... I'm not surprised if every girl just stares at you with big dopy looks on their faces..." I didn't realize what he said until he activated the blade. "Oh... Sorry... Being distracted..." I wanted to try something different... Maybe do a risk... I fused the tomahawk with enough Psi energy and enough Void energy for one experimental try. I threw the tomahawk with all my might as it soar through the air and I ran at Zack. The tomahawk flying past him as the energy was released and I appeared behind Zack, amazed by what I just did but I wasn't in the real world. "What did I just do?!"
I grab a large bowl of hot cereal and take a seat;
"No idea... I just hope it's not as cramped as the last one, or as costly..."
I nod solemnly, remembering what had happened. "Agreed on that one..."

Zack whirls around, the psi blade stopping inches from Cynthia's throat, but he was grinning. "Well done, you did a blink. Certainly different, but still a blink." Taking a few steps back, he take another ready stance. "Now, this time, attack."
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"Cayl, you go ahead and ask Terance and set up the teams... As well as the team that will set up the emitter. You will then choose who they will help depending on who needs it more. Team Zerg of Team Protoss." Shade says once more, sitting back down.


My eyes wide but that wasn't what scared me, several dark figures coming for me. "NO, you don't understand, I'm at both places! I can see them coming for me. But I can't pull out!" I was becoming desperate as I swung at them, the blade part just passing through them. To me it was real, to Zack it would seem that I was either going crazy or something truly was happening.
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Sitting silently, I eat my breakfast, a somber mood seeming to have settled in.
IC: Sam walks over to Alicia. "Thanks for the gift, Tari and I really enjoyed it" He says before going to grab two trays of food
My head perks up and I grin;
"Glad to know it's being put to good use."
I say with a laugh.
I watch Sam and shake my head, wrinkling my nose. "Hope that wasn't his first time..."

Zack once more presses against the Void. "He's trying to overwhelm you. You need your brother's help. I've a favor to call in."
I give Terance the look and lightly punch him in the shoulder;
"Be nice, not everyone has the same opportunities in life."
The creatures would still press on... They were like ghosts and demons of the past. Clawing at me... Ones that had lost their lives and were stolen by something far darker in the Void. "Zack.... This isn't his doing, if it was I would be feeling that familiar pressure... This is something else and they wont stop coming!" I say, clutching my ears and eyes as I was on the ground. Trying to close it all away.
"I'm just sayin'." I chuckle and kiss Alicia before resuming eating. "Fair enough though." I wave at Sam. "Come sit with us when you're done."

Zack nods and pushes, Void energies coursing through him. "Give her peace!" The phantasms vanish and Zack sags a little, then regains his energy. "Better?"
The feeling of being tormented ensued within my heart and mind... I had just seen almost everyone that I cared about that had died just now. All of the memories falling into place... It was too much to go through in one sitting. I was crying, not responding to what was going on. My fingers digging into the grass and then into the ground. Dirt clinging onto my hands.
Zack walks up, psi blade deactivated and mask and helmet down. Resting a hand on Cynthia's shoulder he sighs. "What did you see?"
I snort and kiss him back;
I knew that I should answer but I didn't want too... But he would press on anyway. "I saw everyone that I ever cared about that died... Almost all of them were like another family..." I say softly, almost barely audible.
War, Not this time, alright?

IC: Zack nods, thinking back to when he'd had to walk and live through all of his memories when Laura first injected him. "I know the feeling. isn't easy, but you learn to accept what's happened, and realize they're probably better off than you."

I chuckle and keep eating. "So, care to spar for real later?"
"If the chaos of this place is permitting, sure, why not?"
I nod, thinking back on the mission. How had she managed to give me the gash in the first place? Shaking my head, I keep eating. "Have to admit though, I'll take this Chaos over the chaos of war any day."

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