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You can do it Blizzard. Give the people what they want - a working game

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I am also suffering from extreme problems, further to the aforementioned freezing.

I have played SC2 since beta on this rig and have never had any game issues.
Recent updates revolving the HOTS release have been causing complete system crashes. During multiplayer games or WoL Missions, the first issue is the mouse starts graining out and a shutter in the background video (ground on the map). At this point BSOD is seconds away.

My first thought was Video card failure, but as I can still play large video demand games with no issue I assume this to be a starcraft issue.

I am running a Q6600 @3.2Ghz GPU Asus 9800GTX+, and have only ever had slight lag on Ultra and High settings, currently crashing on Low Graphics setting.
Please help Blizz - constant huge freezing spikes every minute or two
I also am having screen freezes.
Same problem. Never had a problem on wings of liberty. NONE

Played diablo 3, and then Back ops, came back to heart of the swarm and its basically unplayable. Id return the game if I could its so bad.
Have you tried playing an offline game vs AI (custom game, right click on it and select "play offline)? I ask because I am having similar problems in any form of multiplayer, but when I play offline and not connected to the problem goes away...

It is most mysterious.
There have been many threads on this issue...and not really any sort of response from blizzard...I'm starting to lose my patience. I still have this issue with HoTS and nothing has been said or done about it.
I'm having the same issue here, I think. It freezes for a few seconds, and you get that sound stutter, much like a cd skipping. Like another poster I also have an nvidia geforce 560 ti or whatever. I've read somewhere were similar issues were potentially caused by overheating, but I'm not sure.
Anyone has a problem like me?

Campaign loads, but screen breaks into vertical bar codes less than 5 minutes into the game.

Ati Radeon 7700 here.
This is really @#$%#% me off. I started getting it before launch and I thought it was just some glitch about merging the two games. Thought it would be fixed on launch. It wasn't.

I start playing matchmaking or campaign... and it just freezes. Sometimes it goes back to the screen but others it totally kills the game. Seriously Blizzard, wtf. Fix asap.
Radeon 7770 here same issue. Computer can recover from a couple of the 4-15 second freezes, but then it'll do a freeze and go to Desktop forcing me to have to task manager kill Starcraft.
Problem exists in single player also. Blizzard devs need to look at their code from patch 2.04 because that is where the stuttering started to get really bad(every game instead of a rare occurrence).
I managed to reduce the amount of stuttering I get by lowering my sound settings, just thought I would put that out there. The stuttering could be a direct result of sound playback.
Blizzard screwed us on Diablo III's broken single player game play and once again they do it. Fortunately I wasn't stupid enough to be fooled twice and haven't bought the game...and apparently never will from the looks of it. Why do you hate your customers so much Blizzard?
same problem
Hi Nosferatu:

I have the same problem while using XFX HD7770 card. The graphics card was oc'd by the manufacturer, but after changing it back to stock values (GPU and memory clk speeds) 3 days ago, the freezing has stopped.

chk out this thread:
I Found the problem to this issue. As it happend to me. But not anymore.

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