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I'm having some issues with drag scroll in Hots(had it in the beta too).Sometimes my screen seems to jump around randomly,the problem is that it happends during fights too.This often ends with my army dying because my screen jumped far away from the main engagement.Is there a way to fix this issue?
I have the same problem and I can't stand it man. Idk what causes it, but I need to find a solution. It's losing me games
Any solution? This is killing me :[
Same here. Sitting there trying to stim n split or stutter step protoss and all the sudden my screen is half way across the map.
I have updated my bios, video card, mouse driver, switched the usb ports for my mouse, and still there is massive random jumps when drag scrolling. This is a major problem for game play please help blizzard. I cannot micro against a protoss death ball with this crap. As soon as i start to move my camera for micro sake it jumps. I don't know about you guys, but it is nearly impossible to micro against a protoss deathball with mmmvg without this !@#$ happening.
I've been suffering from the same thing and just wanted to let you know that I think I've found the solution to the issue.

It seems like a 2-part problem.

1) When you do a lot of small middle mouse drags, your cursor will tend to drift toward the opposite direction of the screen from the direction you are zooming. Try doing a series of small scrolls to the left, and the cursor will drift right. If you're panning up, it will drift down.

This is because the mouse cursor doesn't move in place when you pan, so when you release MMB it returns to the same place. Meanwhile, your hand has physically moved so you move it back (in the opposite direction from which you panned) to compensate. The result is that if you are panning repeatedly, the cursor begins to inch in the opposite direction away from your panning direction.

Which leads to the second part

2) MMB affects the minimap. Normally you would left-click to drag scroll within the minimap, but by default, the middle mouse button also drag scrolls within the minimap (but first it jumps to that portion of the minimap). So what I think it happening, is that you are using middle mouse button to do a series of quick drag scrolls, which in some cases is inching your mouse cursor toward the bottom left of the screen. If it drifts into the minimap, your next middle mouse button click will jump to that portion of the map and return to scrolling. Which is why typically in these cases people (including me) are wondering why their screen is jumping to the far corners of the map.

The good news is, there is a solution to part 2. In your hotkeys, under 'Unit Management' you can rebind the commands "Move Minimap Camera (Normal Mode)" and "Move Minimap Camera (Targeting Mode)"

By default they have the primary as Left and Right mouse buttons. But, the alternate hotkeys are set to Middle Mouse button. Just remove the alternate hotkeys and Middle Mouse Button no longer affects the minimap.

I don't think there is really any solution to the cursor drifting issue, but this should prevent you from accidentally panning to the far-off corners of the map during a micro intensive battle.

I only just found this, so I haven't had a chance to see if I still run into the problem - but I think it will solve the issue. Let me know if this helps you out!
I have the same issue. It appears to be random, though I know it only happens when i first press the drag button. If it doesn't jump immediately, it won't jump at all.
i suffered this since release.

now i saw yabaoys post. I try this out!
didnt work - just palyed a quick va AI and it did jump still sometimes. its hard to reproduce.
This drives me nuts too, it's very very annoying.

I also tried the fix and it does not work. My camera does not go to a random point on the map, it's always near where I'm looking. It's just off from 1/2 screen to 1 screen in a random direction.
I'm getting desperate here i'm going to try grasp at straws here and turn all other scrolling methods other than drag scroll down to 1% even though mouse scroll is deactivated.
I'm bumping this thread. I've been having this issue since forever and it's driving me insane. Somebody, please take a look at this.
Me too, OMG its hard to deal with. May have lost some games because of this. I just got it as of last patch yesterday.

Some details about the bug.

Hold the mouse still, push middle mouse button, scroll around = normal.

Have the mouse moving around, push middle mouse button, OMG IT HOPS LIKE 2 SCREENS AWAY! :)

I loose track of whats happening constantly now, please put it back how it used to be Blizz

It's like it takes the momentum of your mouse movement and throws the screen that way. It didn't used to to this before. Now you must stop moving the mouse before using drag scroll, complete game changer for me.
Bumping with a video I made of the issue today. My mouse settings are at the end.


The screen seems to jump in the exact opposite of the intended direction. One thing that came to mind was that possibly the inversion on the drag turns off and on unexpectedly in the midst of middle mouse clicks. Also perhaps the sensitivity changes, the screen does seem to jump almost instantaneously.

It is difficult to reproduce the bug very reliably, but while playing Starcraft Master round 27, I was getting it about every other attempt. So if a blizzard employee wanted to give that a shot, I'm sure he/she would experience the same issue pretty quickly.

If anyone knows of any free software to show mouse movements as they happen, maybe we can figure out precisely what's happening when the bug occurs. In general, though, the screen seems to move in opposite of the intended direction, and it almost always happens in the midst of micro (many left and right clicks).

ps: It seems very likely that various users are experiencing different bugs from each other.

Here's what happened. I wanted to take a video and post it to this forum to document the problem. Installed fraps, loaded up a replay, started recording, drag scroll was working fine, WTF. Stopped recording, drag scroll is jumping, bug. Repeated this several times. Sat and thought for a minute, hmm fraps is recording at a specific frame rate, wonder if....

Checked the box for Vertical Sync in the graphics settings and BOOM, FIXED.

Hope it works for you guys too. Blizz, something is wrong with drag scroll with vertical sync off.
I can't play with Vsync on. Everything feels so sluggish due to the delay in the frames displayed, I can't play reliably with Vsync enabled. It feels far better moving my mouse to the edge of the screen even though I'm not used to it, so long as I can keep Vsync disabled.

I still can't tell if it's faster in the long run to keep my finger on the left mouse button and move my cursor to the edge of the screen to pan, or if keeping my cursor in place while holding the middle mouse button yields superior speed, but I really like using drag scroll and have grown accustom to it.

Please fix this!...

Any news on a possible fix for this?
For me, without vertical sync it's really easy to create the problem. With vertical sync it's still a very annoying problem, just not as frequent -still, waaaay to frequent though. What happened? I don't remember it being such a huge problem before?

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