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I found how to make this problem.

This happen when you use middle button double click an unit and scrolling at the same time, your screnn will randomly jump out.

Means when you scrolling action is fast enough, and when you middle click on unit and try to drag scroll, the midlle button double click triggered on unit then, most likely your screen will jump out.

i don't know its a but.. i just know how trigger this problem.
I have this problem also. Can't play the game, it jumps in big battles. I've reinstalled everything, all my drivers are up to date. Can't believe a game this well know has such a horrible bug.
2015! :D

I also concede that the issue is only lessened by vsync.

Also, since hereos of the storm uses the same engine they brought this bug over, of course....
+1 also happening here. i love using my middle mouse to move camera and this is making it painful!

crazy that it's been around for so long. it's almost 2016 now!
I have been using drag-scroll since 2011 and i have never had this problem until recently.

I am using a montor with G-Sync and i refuse to believe it has something to do with screen syncronization(V-sync / G-sync).. It just cant be!

I really hope to find a fix or at least figure out whats wrong! Please take a look at this tread #Blizzard

My marines are dying because of this!! :(
I just built a new PC to coincide with LotV release, and I'm now experiencing this problem. Never had this problem in the past five years. I'll try the fixes and reproducers mentioned in this thread. It's so hard to reproduce, and it really sucks to have your screen randomly jolted away from the action.
Yup havn't played for a few years, always use middle mouse to control my camera. Came back with lotv and I'm having this problem. It has for sure cost me games. Does anyone else use a deathadder mouse or inverted mouse scroll?
Also having this problem, Logitech G502, 1440p G-Sync monitor. Haven't really played since Hots came out, but never had this problem before. Really frustrating. Hard to believe there isn't a fix.
This issue has ruined SC2 for me. V-sync helps a little, but it's still ruining gameplay and making me not want to play ladder. Blizzard, halp plz.

I have seen this topic all over the place. I have a fix using AutoHotKey. Here is the script:

#IfWinActive StarCraft II

Send {Blind}{LButton Up}
MouseGetPos, old_x, old_y
MouseMove, (A_ScreenWidth / 2), (A_ScreenHeight / 2), 0
while (GetKeyState("MButton", "P")) {
Send {Blind}{MButton Down}
Send {Blind}{MButton Up}
MouseMove, old_x, old_y, 0


This intercepts your drag-scroll button and moves the cursor to the center of your screen before applying the key-press. Upon releasing the key, it will move it back to where it was previously.

If you use a non-default drag-scroll key, you can update the script accordingly. Replace all instances of "MButton" with whatever key you use. Lookup the key values here: https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm

Don't know how to use AutoHotKey? It's pretty easy...
1.) Go here: https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm
2.) Hit the Download button.
3.) Install it.
4.) Paste the above code into a text file, but be sure to save the file with the .ahk extension.
5.) Double-click your new .ahk file and AutoHotKey will run the script in the background.

Disclaimer: Is this against the TOS? Yeah, probably....but if they're not going to fix their !@#$ty game (I've noticed this issue since day 1 of SC2), I think we should be allowed to create work-arounds ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

EDIT: Should you need to disable the script, find the AHK icon in your system tray and r-click --> Exit.
Updated the previous post because modifier keys were being blocked during the script. The {Blind} tag should fix it.
@Darklune thanks so much for taking the time to make a script. It's not quite working for me though. I can see the cursor blink to the middle when I use the middle mouse button, but then when I move the mouse for drag scroll it doesn't move the camera. Like everything works except for this part:

while (GetKeyState("MButton", "P")) {
Send {Blind}{MButton Down}

AHK adds a bunch of stuff to my new scripts, I tried with and without it and the only difference was the cursor was more visible in the center of the screen without the default junk.

Default junk:
#NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases.
; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors.
SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability.
SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory.
I noticed that if I try to close a tab in Chrome that's title begins with "StarCraft II" with the middle mouse button, it would not work (pointer moves to the center).

If you change the first line to

#IfWinActive ahk_exe sc2.exe

it will only grab the input from the game and fix the problem.

Thank you for the fix. I was surprised when I googled this issue and found it was such an old bug.
Needing to use a third party work around for this bug is very disappointing.

I'm conflicted on if I should continue to complain about it or just use Darklune's fix.

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