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Can anyone please tell me what the roleplay system is about and how does it work in a simple form? I really want to join one but I noticed it was quite complicated so it kept me back.
There's another thread along these lines here, on the same page too!

But in a nutshell, go look at any of the PRP threads / planning threads. Its pretty much self-explanatory from there.
I appreciate your response to this thread, pal. I'll check it out as soon as possible.
Skim the first page of this, and make sure to read the post by Zanon.

Everything here is text-based (Wait, what?) and is far more like improvised group storytelling. Different RPs have varying levels of structure and control from the DM. Some of the RPs have a PRP thread that you can apply in, others don't.

Some general notes are:
There's a lot of custom lore etc. that see varying levels of use depending on how close the RP follows SC lore (if at all.)
OOC: (out of character)
IC: (in character)
(^just in case you are new to RPing or haven't heard the terms before.)

...And I think that covers most everything, If you have any questions, just ask.
People don't like brown nosing. Don't brown nose.
What? What is that, and why have I never heard of it?...
Agreeing with the DM so they don't punish your character, agreeing with the DM to make a good impression, so on and so forth.
Ah, bootlicking.

Makes sense.
Well, I've roleplayed whereas OOC and IC are allowed and where I was put in a universe with a character that differs from Starcraft 2. I might know some of the odds and ends here and there.
See? Looks to me like you're good to go. If ever you have a question, ask in the thread or in the Bar, it'll get answered.

Oh, how I wish I was here for those glory days :)
Ah, bootlicking.
I call that !@# kissin'.

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