Low fps with powerful computer. HOTS expac.

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Just wanted to add that Im also having the same problem. I ran max settings in WoL and got 60fps but after HoTS it became really laggy and I had to lower some settings.
still no reply ?? bump bump
same with me but this has been happening since WoL
Every now and then I get a "stutter" where my game freezes for a few seconds and then the next few seconds after that are faster x8. My laptop is fantastic, my internet is fantastic.
Some problem with PowerPlay in AMD Catalyst. If i play on battery with the power off on my Alienware m18x with AMD Radeon 6970 dual with crossfire off i get around 60-70fps but high res. But if I put the computer back on power the fps drop to around 20.

Someone posted a fix to adjust clock speed in profiles.xml of catalyst but unfortunately my profiles.xml does not contain coreclock settings. Need help Blizzard. Before with WoL I never had a problem and could play on Ultra with great fps.
Same here games will start with 90+ FPS and drop down to 10FPS. Have all latest drivers. AMD Radeon 6970m. Before with WoL i could play easy with ultra with no problems. I believe there is some issue with powerplay maxing clock speeds. Very strange, sometimes when I take out the power cable from my M18x Alienware the game will run fine. Blizzard please help and fix.
Same problem for me... Had perfectly decent FPS in WoL but that !@#$ is broken in HotS. Fix your mess blizz
Same here. 3 FPS during engagements on lowest settings.
there is new people on this post everyday theirs has got to be over 100 on this thing alone is that not good enough for a simple response just give us a small one so we can know you care a little
Well.. I Dont Know What You Have Or Havent Tryed Yet,
But I Factory reset my computer, And that stopped it for awhile.... But It Started Happening again.
So I Did The following
-Updated Graphic(s) Drivers (I have two,)
-Updated Wifi Drivers
-Updated My Intel Chipsets
-And Increased my Virtual memory...
After that.. it still happend but alot less.
So I Downloaded and used (Registry Reviver) and (Driver Genius) and (IObit Advanced Systemcare)
And cleaned up and updated EVERYTHING.
THEN last but not least
(nVida Cards only)
Used nVidas GeForce Exsperiance program For my 1gb nVida 635m And Optimized sc2's settings And Defragged its folder using (Razor game booster)
And last but not least, used Nvidas control panel installedo nthe computer And set it so sc2 automaticly opens using the nVida card instead of intel And lets 3d program decided best settings,
I Did ALL of the Above ALL AT ONCE before playing the game again.
So Which fixed it..... I Dont know. But its never happend again. Let me know if any of this helps you, You can Further contact me here, Or my email dpssimonds@yahoo.com

How did you increase your virtual memory?
Ok so i have this issue also, blizzard seem to not be helping anyone here, so here is a temporary fix that's working for me. The issue seems to be that unit textures and shaders are not loading correctly, and changing graphics settings seems to do nothing whatsoever.

For multiplayer this has fixed all of my issues:
1) Login to SC2
2) Go to Arcade
3) Search for and bookmark "Unit Preloader"
4) Run the map once every Starcraft gaming session.
5) if the map lags when loading, its working (game is loading all the shaders in one go, rather than one at a time as they appear ingame which is causing the lag spikes/stutters every few seconds)

this is not a fix. still dramatic drop late game but does help all together a noticeable amount so thank u
We can't let this topic die! Keep posting until we get blizzard's attention.
We can't let this topic die! Keep posting until we get blizzard's attention.

I'm sure we have their attention. they are just choosing to ignore it. Seriously, how can they not see an 18 page thread?
this is completely f****** ridiculous how blizzard just refuses to even acknowledge the problem. How hard is it for one person to post something and give us an update. This is just unprofessional and purely why Blizzard is seen as a greedy !@#$ing company that only cares about money. If you cannot fix the game for a %^-*ing large part of the players, then give us a refund.
04/14/2013 03:47 PMPosted by Cason
We can't let this topic die! Keep posting until we get blizzard's attention.

I'm sure we have their attention. they are just choosing to ignore it. Seriously, how can they not see an 18 page thread?

Allow me to rephrase, keep posting until blizzard can no longer afford to ignore it. :)
RESPOND NOW this is ridiculous
Add me in.

I have:

i7 first gen o/c to 3600
32 gb ram on x58 motherboard(Rampage II extreme)
Geforce GTX 680 2GB o/c +50 Core/+400 Ram
2xSDD Sata 2 on Raid 0 - Latest intel raid drivers installed.

I use some replays as a reference to check settings and options and its always the same.
CPU usage goes 80-90% on one of the four cores and things go down from there.
Forced full performance/adaptive vsync on nv control panel no difference.

I can understand that the game can be heavy on Ultra/Extreme settings when several armies collide in the middle, however changing setting has almost no effect in performance.

Even in low settings i get around 5-15 frames on certain parts of these replays.

Also as a side note, loading times have gone waaaay up in HOTS. Unit preloader map can help a bit, but still its slower than in used to be.
Hello Everyone, thank you for your reports so far, and we apologize for not replying earlier. The best way of moving forward with this issue is to submit your particular computer specifications in a Bug Report. The more data we have in this format, the better, as we can test specific computer builds, and reproduce these issues with a given combination of Windows version, CPU, GPU, and drivers.

I need to stop this thread here, as the sole focus of this Technical Support forum is client-side.

Our QA department is continually identifying bugs, and greatly appreciates your technical specifications in Bug Reports. Most of you in this thread have already given your specs, and we have noted them.

Some performance issues have been addressed in past patches, and we will continually implement performance improvements in future patches.
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