Low fps with powerful computer. HOTS expac.

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At least, this fixed it for me. I am running on an MSI GX740 with a Radeon HD5870 and was getting down to 1FPS during moderate sized battles with the lowest graphics settings after the 1.5 patch.

Turning off PowerPlay under the Power tab of the Catalyst control center appears to have fixed the problem. I have played several games with large battles since then and have not noticed a considerable FPS drop.
I might have found something too for Nvidia folk.

I simply turned off everything in Nvidia control panel and got a considerable FPS gain.

Ambient Occlusion Off

Anisotrophic Filtering Off

Antialising - FXAA Off

Antialiasing - Mode Off

Antialiasing - Transparency Off

Texture Filtering - Quality High Performance

I haven't noticed any sort of ingame graphics problems with these settings, and the game seems to run at a consistant 60 FPS with vsync on.

You can try w/e settings you like, to see the difference.

I'm running the game on a laptop



8Gbs Ram

Hope it helps someone :<
None of those worked. i don't know how people are getting these fixes, but they aren't working for me.
No fix suggested thus far works.
I have the same problem too with a very good machine
Turning off PowerPlay in CCC actually made my game even worse. Turning off AA in CCC didn't make a difference either. Also, I haven't seen anyone else post this on this thread, but I keep getting stalls everytime a unit or upgrade finishes. I jump on the arcade game Unit Preloader but that doesn't really help much.

I still think one of the main reasons is SC2 doesn't utilize anything over 2 cores, so people with quad cores and up have two of them basically doing nothing while SC2 is playing. On a whole though, this !@#$ is a joke. Blizzard has done absolutely nothing about it, and they won't even confirm or deny any of it. I can't tell you how many threads I've seen with the exact same problems, thousands and thousands of different users posting in them saying they have the same problems...and you'll see the exact same "support" forum members post the same "help". Their "help" usually involves them telling you to tell them what your modem and router is, or to update your drivers. Gee, what a good solution. This decreasing FPS throughout the game that makes it pretty much unplayable is sure caused by my router. Then once someone throws up a post like "You have no idea what you're talking about", the support staff won't be seen again. You would think with a game as popular as Starcraft you would actually support and listen to the fanbase, but apparently all they care about is getting their money. The game has been ruined since the 1.5 patch, and they still don't give a %^-* all these months later.

Blizzard needs to get off their !@# and acknowledge that they are aware of the problem and are working to correct it, or give us some actual solution.
Did blizzard acknowledge the problem yet? I can't play the game I paid for on my $2000 gaming rig. (I aint playing a game at mid setting just to get 20 fps!)

Kinda frustrating. Should have stayed with WoL. I was getting +200fps with that version of SC2...

There better be a fix before then end of the week of I want my money back.

Edit: 10fps in the menu screen... really?
I've been on countless threads still searching for answers with no luck. I'll try to make sure this thread stays on the front page as much as I can until we got some real answers. I, by no means could run the game on ultra, but I would love to at least be able to play a complete game without the FPS slowly dropping until it hits basically 0. Like most people, WoL ran fine even on my old laptop which didn't even have an actual graphics card (Intel integrated !@#$) Of course everything was on low, but it never stuttered everytime a unit or upgrade finished, froze for seconds at a time, and even during huge team fights it did pretty well.

My current laptop ain't nothing to write home about, but it's decent.

AMD A8-4500m
Radeon HD 7640

I'm still curious about what Dr. Snarl said. I read in another thread that there was some fix that worked for a lot of people with AMD cards. It was sort of like what he said, except instead of just turning PowerPlay directly off, it involved making new presets in the CCC to adjust the GPU speed. I also wasn't very clear about what happened when I tried turning PowerPlay off. It instantly set me FPS 20-25 lower then what it was before I turned it off. Kind of weird that one guy can turn it off and completely fix his problems, and another guy have the exact opposite happen.

Anyways, that's my .02 cents. Hopefully we get some more people on this thread, and if were lucky, Blizzard my stick it's head in and say something...(wouldn't hold my breath though)
Hello there. From EU here. Just read the thread and wanted to pop in and say that i too got this problem.

CPU: AMD FX8150 @5GHZ 8 core
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 7970 ghz edition
MEM: 16GB 2133mhz
SSD etc
Everything watercooled too.

WOL for me was like _never_ under 60FPS
HOTS lag like hell so i went from Ultra/Extreme setting to medium/high

With that kind of computer? C'mon..

I just wish there could be an official statement of this problem. Is it recognised?
No solution, thus-far, has worked for me. Evening setting everything to LOW, my fps is around 8, which is completely unplayable.
Played the Hots beta the whole time on ultra settings with absolutely no lag issues. This problem came all of a sudden, and is quite frustrating.
I agree, this is not a graphics card, driver, or settings issue - clearly we've exhausted many avenues. and it's still not working.
Nope, they didn't acknowledge it really. They said "check your drivers" and that was about it
When is ANYONE from Blizz going to EVEN address this issue ?!?!?!
blizzard come on now atleast say something!
Bump because Blizzard refuses to acknowledge the problem.

As you can see from the above, we're starting to get pissed off........ >:(
Lowered all the setting etc etc etc etc etc stil NO CHANGE - playing with 8FPS , pacman is more fluid that this Sh*t, And dont tell us its our comps , ur supposed to be a "reputable" company so have some professionalism and acknowledge your customers concerns ..or stay silent and decrease consumer faith in your teams capabilities further, as im already thinking twice before purchasing any more of ur products if this is the level of support u guys give ... pathetic !
Same here, it's been too long this issue but tbh i have no faith at blizzard at all to fix it. we in 2013 and game like sc2 must utilize 4 cores at max potential, not barely utilize 2 cores
Still waiting..
sympathy reply
hey blizzard i did a test with other games interesting results.

DC universe online - 90fps constant
Bf3- 68 fps
mass effect 3- 84fps
starcraft 2 hots-40 fps
supreme commander 2- 110fps
diablo 3-37fps
WoW- 30fps
dead space 3-130fps
swtor-60 fps

hey blizzard i think i know the problem your games suck at using hardware properly.

amd 1090t 3.2ghz
amd 7970 3gb ram
8gb ram
windows 7 64 bit.

EDIT. all of these games are running maxed setting without using AA at all.
Just wondering,

How many of us installed with a disc as opposed to the digital download?

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