"Ghost Kerrigan" Portrait Issue

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I have completed the Campaign, got all 70 Kerrigan...levels?(not sure what to call them) for the portrait but no luck on having the portrait unlock for me.
I know this is more of a submit ticket type issue but I am apparently too dumb to find it in game.
Same. I think i saw something on reddit about this. Apparently, there is a bug where you only get the portrait if you get all 70 on the first time through. If you go through the archives and achieve lvl 70, there is a bug preventing you from getting the portrait. No word yet on the fix. Hopefully we will get an official word on this.
Reposting my own post here, as it's the exact same question,
Most of Kerrigan's achievements restart tracking progress when playing across multiple missions.
We are currently investigating this issue.

Blizzard is aware of the current achievement issues, I've got the same problem as you and many others currently. Give it some time, they're working in it! :)

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