(UPDATE: 11:32 AM PDT) Login issues for NA

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UPDATE: This should be resolved!

We are aware there is an issue with NA logins and we are looking into it currently. Stay tuned for updates.
Great to hear that:)
Here's hoping that it is fixed soon!
Thank god i hope this won't effect my progress so far
Okay that great. Thought I got hack again from China or something when I couldn't log in.
i literally JUST experienced this. Running the Repair Tool from the Launcher is a no go for fixing this.
thank you
Thank you for letting us know
I changed my region to Europe to see if that would let me play. All my achievements are reset on the new name I had to make, as well as my campaign progress. Also, can't seem to find the option to switch back to Americas.
Better get fixed soon.... its only been a few days since launch. But thanks for posting to let us know.
thanks cause i just tried to login and it said to login with previous region but my previous region is americas so im confused. Hope it gets fixed fast ive been waiting to play this since i first pre-ordered it.
Yeah it says that there is maintenance to be done and i should select another region which i thought was dumb. I have faith blizzard will fix it soon enough. BUT come on just got out of school wanted to play and i cant :( didn't make y'all wait for my $ when i bought the game :( anyways cant wait to play threw more of the camp i really like it so far !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Region Client Mismatch?
The swarm thanks you.
Fix it. Jerks.
Ohhh the region mismatch error.... I hoped I would never see this again after the beta!
They will fix it when they can no need to be an !@# about it

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