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I just got a copy of HotS, and I started to install it, and it immediately got to 2.1, but then it stopped and said my download speed was going as low as 80 KB/s and at max 600 KB/s. I just downloaded another game to see if it was the same, but throughout that download my download speed was around 2.3 MB/s. Any Help to deal with this?
Have you tried enabling/disabling peer to peer?


This has worked for some people.

Went to Control Panel,
network and internet,
internet options,
LAN settings,
and disabled "detect settings automatically. Hope that helps.
I have tried it, but either way it doesn't change. Sometimes it even goes to 1 MB/s, but it's not consistent. It downloads .2 percent for 1 second, and stops again.
WOW IT SKYROCKETED you sir are a life saver! Thank you!
I wish I could remember who said it first I just copy pasted from him :P
I was having issues downloading too where it would say that it is going fast (like 200kb/s) but nothing was happening and I did what was suggested and now it's actually downloading. Thanks!
Your Tip is awesome, good thing I found this thread before I went to sleep.
Thanks for sharing it.
This worked for me as well. This information needs to be on the support site!
I tried it.

It didn't work.

Its incredibly sluggish (we're talking like, I've gone down to as low as 6 kbs, and right now am hovering around 30 kbs).

Its very annoying and there's absolutely no reason whatsoever for it behaving this way.

Sometimes it is at 600, and then it just randomly goes away again, even though nothing else is using any real bandwidth.
One important note, for the few of you that don't know. KB/s and kbs are different than kbps. Alot of internet service providers will market kbps as kbs to make their downloads look faster than what they are. I noticed that the blizzard downloader used KBs, as in Kilobytes per second. When viewing it over with network tools that showed kbps, or kilobits per second, it was a drastically higher download speed. 1 byte = 8 bits. So a download of 30 kbps = 240 kbs. Just a point of reference so everybody's on the same page.
This worked awesome. I hadn't played this in forever, and wanted to try the expansion, only to be banging my head against the desk with this issue. I was forwarding ports and crap to no avail, this worked great.
thanks m8, my DL was going super slow as well (around 20 bytes per second) changing the lan settings made it go upto 5.1 mb/s

much appreciated!
My download kept freezing on me. I'd restart the launcher and it'd download like 1-2% before freezing again. At least it always started from where it left off, but still. After this though, while it may not be super fast, it's not freezing anymore. Or at least yet. I've gotten 9% while typing this. Fingers crossed.
Thank you sir. handy tip!
Tip worked for me. Very big thank-you!
This worked for me... but why? ?? lol.
Wow! Amazing fix. I was having the same issue. I am using a wireless connection (no LAN connected). Not sure why it worked but it did. was so slow before; after change it went like a rocket. :)

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