Achievement Kerrigan Level 70 not unlocking

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I'm not sure if this is the right place to put this, but as the title says, the level 70 achievement for Kerrigan is not unlocking on my account. I went through and replayed a couple of missions trying to trick it into thinking I just obtained level 70 again to see if that would work, but to no avail. Am I going to have to replay the entire campaign to get this one?
same here, when entering the campaing (last save) kerrigan is level 70, but the achiev is not triggered, tried to replay the last mission aswell without any success (all missions completed on normal, if that helps)
Same for me... I'd like to get that portrait unlocked.
The same thing happened to me. I finished the campaign and then went back to redo the levels I hadn't gotten all of Kerrigan's levels from (I was 5 points short), but now my achievement level is at 61 points when it was at 65 and the 70 level achievement won't unlock even though I double checked on the master archives to make sure all her levels had been obtained.
I have the opposite. I just bought the game, and started playing the campaign. I have the "achieve level 40" acheivement, but the game only says kerrigan is level 18. what gives?
Hey CzechsMix,

The folks above you are describing a previous problem where the achievement wouldn't advance as they played the game (as you noticed). In update 2.0.8, Bliz attempted a fix for it but it seems that it over compensated by advancing to quickly.

I also experienced the rapid advancing of her level in the achievement only. Good news is that Bliz knows about it and are checking it out.

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