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I wanted to suggest that they make the side that tech labs and reactors are built on buildings optional. This would allow for safe wall offs if you spawn in a location where the front of your wall falls to the right side of your building. It seems like a fairly big disadvantage depending on where you spawn.

A second reason this would be really good is for late game macro. Protoss can have nice tight buildings, but terran has to make them in uneven clumps and this can cause issues of real estate and ease of movement.

What does everyone else think?
I would like it, but I think it would just be weird you know
Yeah I'm not sure of the best solution, but I think it's certainly an issue.
This is something pro gamers will probably demand and have changed. I'm surprised it hasn't happened already. Spawning on a certain start location can prevent a player from doing what he wants to do because of outward facing addons (or risk losing them... and believe me his opponent is pro gamer too and he will be salivating).
What if addons spawned on top of the buildings instead?

Attackable by melee, of course.
yeah it's a tricky one. perhaps they could remain as 3x3 block buildings, but have a targetable 2x2 piece of the structure that would serve as the add on. then if they go to lift off, it remains there as a sort of landing zone.

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